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PIX: Inside the sets of KBC with Amitabh Bachchan

August 25, 2020 16:54 IST

'There is a loss of camaraderie .. no one speaks unless it's work related .. it's like a laboratory where some rather deep scientific experiments abound.'

Amitabh Bachchan has started shooting for the 12th season of the game show Kaun Banega Crorepati with protection amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The actor, who recently recovered from COVID-19, visited a set for the first time since the lockdown in March and he shared his experience of shooting on his blog.

.. It has begun ..

.. the chair the atmosphere the KBC 12 .. started year 2000 .. today year 2020 .. unimaginable that the years have passed .. that the show has lasted .. that the nerves are back ..


.. it's a sea of limited BLUE on set .. quiet .. conscious .. each delegated work routine.. precautions, systems, distanced masks, sanitised and the apprehensions of not just what shall happen to the show ..

..but what shall the World look like after this dread Vid19 ..


.. getting in front of the cameras again .. was it weird, different feel after this long furlough .. dunno ..

.. there is a loss of camaraderie .. no one speaks unless it's work related .. it's like a laboratory where some rather deep scientific experiments abound ..


.. this was never expected .. never the time to see such visuals .. but there it is ..

.. recognised faces now unrecognisable .. and the doubts whether we are in the right place, with the right people .. but .. we muster up the fears and be on ..


.. there is great consideration and care being extended .. all precautions carefully worked out and followed ..

.. precautions were there earlier too in times of distress .. but this time it's severe .. it's personal .. this time they know its fatality, God forbid .. and that lingers .. the lightheartedness has sealed itself .. isolated .. do the do and leave ..


.. some said the full beard looked good .. well .. I disagreed after a while and changed it before the next look and sequence .. the less looks better ..

If there are disagreements in the Ef family , that is welcome .. one cannot always be right and righteous ..


.. so masked and complete it was back from the floor .. to the floor of the gym .. yes miss it in the morning catch up at night .. nothing heavy or serious ..

just to be able to be in the company of gym equipments ..

just to be lifting walking bending freeing .. mobility .. silence then and pranayaam ..

the breathing insistent from the Hospital .. keep at it .. move the lungs , keep them healthy ..

hold the breathe for 45 secs minimum , border line .. so I exceed that .. 70 secs .. good ..

now the spirometer .. get those yellow red and green marbles floating up to the edge and holding for the count of five .. thats the intake .. now reverse .. the exhale .. but only the yellow and red move .. green trembles but does reach the edge .. ah well .. its late now to lament over ..


.. it's a relax .. it's a UEFA final .. it's Bayern vs Paris st Germain .. it's Neymar .. it's Mbape .. it's Lewandowski .. it's the Champions League Final ..

.. so excusé ..

Photographs: Kind courtesy Amitabh Bachchan/Tumblr

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