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PIX: Baby actress Taapsee Pannu visits Rediff

Last updated on: February 09, 2015 10:12 IST
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And here's what transpired...

The gorgeous Taapsee Pannu, who we last saw in Neeraj Pandey-directed Baby starring Akshay Kumar, recently dropped by the Rediff headquarters in Mumbai.

While she chatted with her fans on Zarabol, she also took out time to interact with Rediff staffers.



Here is the actress, dressed in monochrome, caught in an animated pose during the video interview.

According to her, while she has just started being recognised on the streets in Mumbai, she is very popular down South.


And here's what she talked about!


She answered the readers' questions while being quite amused.

When asked if she would ever take up a reality show like Bigg Boss, her answer was an emphatic 'Not at all!' 



She also confided in her fans that she really wants to do more Telugu films.

And she thinks her Running director Shoojit Sircar is a creative genius.  



While she may not be particularly enthused about the Delhi elections, she has great hopes for the city she calls home.

"There is no favourite in that category. I wish whoever wins gives me my Delhi back safe," she said, when a reader asked her for her predictions for the elections.



She also mildly teased an admirer during the chat.

To reader Swapnil Darode's 'U r very Beautiful when Angry,' she replied, 'Really!!!!???!!! i never thought so. is that a cheesy filmy dialogue??'



Here is Taapsee, posing for pictures with her fans in the Rediff office.

Reader Nitin G asked, "Why such a small role in Baby, now don't say it was an important role, frankly there wasn't anything challenging in the role and was too short for a full time actress to accept it. Other than money what motivated you to do it?"

Taapsee's reply, "I am not that big as an actress to do big roles. i am sorry i disappointed u. maybe i will live upto your expectations in my next movie."



When quizzed about distancing herself from Tollywood, the actress admitted to not receiving good offers.  

Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/

Video: Afsar Dayatar/

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