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Nagarjuna is 'super annoyed' by Family Man 2 protests

May 27, 2021 11:00 IST

Samantha Akkineni's family is worried about the reaction to The Family Man Season 2 trailer.

Her protective father-in-law Telugu superstar Nagarjuna has been asked not to comment on the protests.

But Nag is "super annoyed" by the "premature protests".

"Nag is no stranger to protests and attacks," a source close to the family tells Subhash K Jha.

"But he won't tolerate his children being attacked. Sam, as he affectionately calls her, is like a daughter of the family. Nag gets very upset to see any of his children in a vulnerable situation."

IMAGE: Samantha with husband Nag Chaitanya, in-laws Nagarjuna and Amala and brother-in-law Akhil. Photograph: Kind courtesy Samantha Akkineni/Instagram

Samantha has been targeted for allegedly hurting Tamil sentiments by playing what some have seen as a Sri Lankan Tamil terrorist with Pakistani links.

The brouhaha is a matter of concern for Nagarjuna and elder son Nag Chaitanya.

The family hopes to see all the controversy die down once the series airs on June 4.

Samantha has been instructed by the show producers Amazon Prime Video to not comment on the issue at all.