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'My mom is very happy I am doing TV'

By Rajul Hegde
February 03, 2017 09:22 IST

'People have given me so much. That's the biggest award for me. No other award can be bigger than that. It's not like after winning an award, your job is done and you can relax. You still have to work hard.'

Diljit Dosanjh gets ready for a new innings in television.

Diljit Dosanjh, who made his Bollywood debut in Udta Punjab, is all set to make his television debut in singing reality TV show Rising Star. He will join an expert panel of singers Shankar Mahadevan and Monali Thakur.

So how will this reality show be different than the others?

Rising Star will be a live show. After the contestants perform, viewers will vote and the votes will be displayed on television screen. The number of votes will determine whether the singer will advance to the next level or not. This makes the audience the real judges. 

Rising Star is based on an Israeli singing competition called HaKokhav Haba.

It will premiere on February 4, and will be telecast every weekend at 9 pm on Colors TV. 

Diljit tells contributor Rajul Hegde more about it.

Anil Kapoor's son Harshvardhan didn't seem happy when you picked up a Best Debut award for Udta Punjab. He said the Best Debut should go to someone working on his first film, not to someone who has worked in films in another languages before.

I didn't feel bad about Harshvardhan's comments. I am a big fan of Anil Kapoor and Harshavardhan is his son.

Dhanush got a best debut award (for Raanjhanna) even though he had acted in many south Indian films. Fawad Khan got a best debut award (for Khoobsurat) even though he has worked in Pakistan.

I am not the first example and it's not like something has gone wrong.

But I don't feel bad about anything. He is the son of a great superstar, and will be one someday. (smiles) 

People have given me so much. That's the biggest award for me. No other award can be bigger than that. It's not like after winning an award, your job is done and you can relax. You still have to work hard.

Recently you have been in the news for reports your troubled marriage.

I had heard that in Bollywood, one gets publicity without even asking for it. There are new rumours every day and the celebrities involved get disturbed.

But I feel happy when things are said about me, be it positive or negative, without me having to pay for it. 

Will music take a backseat now since you are acting in Bollywood too?

Music is my life. If music takes a backseat, everything will go away from my life.

I will continue making music, whether or not I get opportunities in films. I know I have fans who like to listening to me sing. 

Udta Punjab dealt with the drug issue. Reportedly, singer Honey Singh went through a rough time because of drugs.

I don't know what happened to Honey Singh but the drug problem exists not only in Punjab but in the entire nation.

I am not very educated, so I cannot give a message to anyone. But I can say that I avoid doing anything of that sort.

Yes, I have sung songs on alcohol, but that's a part of my profession. I am not addicted to anything.

I explain these things to my younger brother. In Udta Punjab, too, I had a younger brother, so I could connect to it. 

How will your singing reality show Rising Star be different from other singing reality TV shows?

The show will be telecast live. If there is any mistake in your sur, it cannot be changed. If I give wrong comments, that also cannot be changed. In simple words, you can't undo the action and reaction.  

You made a great start in your film career. What brings you to television?

I am doing television because my family watches it a lot, especially my mom.

I was told by Raj Nayak (the CEO of Colors TV, where the show will be telecast) that one can do only about two-three films a year but TV is in every household. It can reach the audience.

My mom is very happy I am doing TV. Henceforth, I will also start watching TV!

Rajul Hegde / in Mumbai