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'Please don't make a film on Mumbai attacks'

December 03, 2008 19:39 IST
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Please don't make a film on the Mumbai attacks," filmmaker Sandip Ray appealed to his colleagues in the film industry.

"As responsible citizens, we, filmmakers, should stop glorifying such macabre incidents. Let's not depict heroes out of killers. Let conscience, not profit be our motivation. I feel so restless all the time, can't concentrate. It's a strange feeling."

The director, who is legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray's only child, expressed solidarity with those, who voiced a protest against the lack of security in this country.

"My heart reaches out to those families, who lost their member in this heinous act of crime. Earlier, we used to think only big cities are the terrorists' preferred targets. But 2008 saw a series of blasts in so-called smaller cities as well. Where will we go? Where can we get our security?" he asks.

Ray is aghast at the total collapse of intelligence in the country. "We are paying our taxes in time and fulfilling our duties as responsible citizens. Why can't we, therefore, expect a better life? Why are things so uncertain today that I can't be sure if I would return home safe from work tonight? A lot of films, some of them classics, have been made on terrorism. But I beg my co-workers across India to stop making such films anymore. We cannot afford to make classics by cashing in on our nation's shame. I want the tricolour to fly high in pride and don't want my fellow countrymen to shed tears every now and then," he said.

As told to Indrani Roy Mitra

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