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Mumtaz: Rajesh Khanna was very close to me

July 18, 2012 19:32 IST

Mumtaz and Rajesh KhannaMumtaz, who shared great chemistry with Rajesh Khanna on screen, talks about her superstar co-star.

Overcome with emotion after Rajesh Khanna's death, yesteryear actress Mumtaz said the actor was 'very close' to her even though he came across as an introvert to others.

Speaking to PTI in London, Mumtaz said she was crying the whole morning, but was happy that she had met the ailing Khanna in Mumbai last month, when the two discussed their respective battles with cancer.

"He told me that I am a strong person, and that he knew what I had gone through, the chemotherapy sessions," says Mumtaz, who overcame her battle with breast cancer. "He said he did not feel hungry, and we joked that when lots of food was ordered for him, it was later enjoyed by all, except him."

Khanna and Mumtaz acted in 10 films, including memorable ones such as Aap Ki Kasam, Roti, Apna Desh and Sachcha Jhootha.

Mumtaz said that every film that she and Khanna acted in became a superhit.

She said she had lots of memories of working with Khanna. She recalled that they used to joke about him carrying her on her shoulders for nearly a week in snow while shooting for the closing scenes of the film Roti.

"It was hard work for him, carrying me through snow. I used to joke when we started shooting every day of that week that now you will have to carry 100 kilo sack on your shoulders, and he would say that I was not that heavy. But I was never a slim girl," Mumtaz said.

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