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Lock Upp Review

Last updated on: February 28, 2022 14:25 IST

Lock Upp sounds and looks like Bigg Boss, but it isn't, observes Namrata Thakker.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Kangana Ranaut/Instagram

Ekta Kapoor's controversial reality show Lock Upp, hosted by Kangana Ranaut, premiered on Sunday night on ALT Balaji and MX Player.

Before the launch, the show was embroiled in a legal dispute as the makers were accused of plagiarism.

Anyway, the show went on air with Kangana as the badass host.

While the overall concept of Lock Upp seems interesting as 13 controversial contestants would be seen fighting for basic necessities to survive in the jail for 10 weeks, Kangana as the host certainly didn't live up to the expectations and came across a bit awkward during the premiere episode.

The show started off with Kangana calling the first contestant on stage, stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui, and grilling him along with a panel of journalists.

Both Kangana and Munawar kept taking digs at each other and it was fun to see their snarky banter. Munawar is definitely to watch out for on the show as his personality instantly stood out.

Controversy's favourite child Poonam Pandey made a badass entry by giving a sizzling performance on stage.

She says she's on the show to change her image as everyone has a lot of misconceptions about her.

Swami Chakrapani, trans fashion designer Saisha Shinde and wrestler Babita Phogat also made their way on the stage.


While Swami was asked about his ideology behind promoting Gau Mutra, Shinde and Phogat revealed about their journeys and how life has been tough for them.

Television actress Sara Khan and Nisha Rawal also set the stage on fire as they got ready to be locked up in Kangana's jail.

The ladies were accused for creating controversies just to seek attention.

Sara defended herself by saying she doesn't need publicity as her work speaks volumes whereas Nisha claimed she's on the show to empower women and not to gain any sympathy.

She even makes it clear that if the makers get her estranged husband Karan Mehra on the show, she would be perfectly fine as she's a thorough professional.

Next, Kangana calls Tehseen Poonawala and Payal Rohatgi on stage and accuses them for being parasites as they both capitalise on other people's controversies to grab eyeballs.

Payal tries to defend herself but instead rubs Kangana the wrong way. And the two ladies end up locking horns with each other.

Eventually, Ms Ranaut has the last word. Tehseen also doesn't impress Kangana with his conversational skills.

Actor Shivam Sharma, Siddharth Sharma and influencer Anjali Arora are also sent to the jail.

The former goes overboard in impressing Kangana and other two hardly make any first impression.

The last celeb to enter Kangana's jail is reality show veteran Karanvir Bohra.

The actor is grilled left, right and centre not just by Kangana, but also the journalists.

Bohra gets emotional while defending himself, but voices his opinion loud and clear.

All the contestants are allowed to take only three necessity items with them inside the jail. Since the makers have managed to get interesting personalities together, Lock Upp should be entertaining to watch.

Kangana tried too hard to look like a badass host and it mostly backfired. She needs to chill a bit and let her feisty personality do the magic on its own.

Raveena Tandon was also a part of the premiere episode and Kangana asked her to be the jailer.

Every week, a new jailer will be appointed which sounds fun, but what will they bring to the show, only time will tell.

Yes, on the surface Lock Upp sounds and looks like Bigg Boss, but it isn't. Rest, you'll have to watch the show to find out more!

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