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KWK 7: 10 Akshay-Samantha Revelations

July 22, 2022 13:11 IST
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The third episode of Koffee With Karan 7 saw an unusual pair on the couch: Akshay Kumar making conversation with Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

While Sam got candid about divorce and alimony, Akshay had some revelations about the Hindi film industry.

Ranveerified for life

Sam is a Ranveer Singh fan for life!

She recently shot an ad with Mr Always Bubbly and was completely Ranveerified.

Sam added that she wouldn't mind being cast with Akshay and Ranveer in a love triangle.

And if ever Sam throws a bachelorette party, she would love to have Ranveer dancing in it!


When Akshay came back from the dead

While talking about his multi-hero film Jaani Dushman, Akshay said he had convinced the director (Rajkumar Kohli) not to kill his character.

'I was working on a per-day basis and there was a scene where the villain kills me and I am dead. I got to know that the other hero got stuck in New York and could not make it in time. I went up to the director and asked him if I could come back again.'

He revealed the director tweaked the storyline and his character was then put into a coma and brought back later.

Akshay got to work five more days and he made more money because of which he bought the house he currently lives in.


Alimony Rumours

Sam didn't speak in detail about her former husband Naya Chaitanya and why things didn't work out between them, but she did reject a big rumour about their divorce.

Sam said there were stories floating about her taking Rs 250 crore as alimony, but that never happened.

She made it clear she never asked for money nor was there a prenup.


Naga Chaitanya

Sam also spoke how she is coping after her divorce with Chat.

'It has been hard. But it's good now. It's fine. I am stronger than I have ever been,' she said.

She added that things aren't amicable between her and her ex-husband at the moment.

'Are there hard feelings like if you put us both in a room, you have to hide sharp objects? Yeah, as of now, yes. So it's not an amicable situation right now. But maybe sometime in the future, yeah.'


Canada Kumar

Karan Johar asked Akshay if he gets trolled and how much it affects him.

To this, the actor replied that he does not go online too much, but he knows people troll him by calling him 'Canada Kumar'.

Akki maintained that he does not care what people call him.


Sam's rapport with Nayanthara

It's often said two actresses can never be friends, but that's not the case with Samantha and Nayanthara.

Sam recently wrapped a film with Nayanthara and she loved working with her.

On the last day, the actresses -- both of who have Malayali origins -- cried and shared a tight hug.


Bollywood heroes are insecure

On the same note, Akshay had a different story to tell.

In Hindi cinema, he said it's hard to get two heroes to sign a film.

He revealed how he and Karan, who are producing a film together, found it tough to convince a couple of actors to do their film.

Akshay said it's the heroes, who are insecure, not the heroines.

He spoke about his Mission Mangal, which starred five heroines, and all of them came together and worked happily.


Not looking for LOVE

Sam is not looking for love.

During the Rapid Fire round, she made it clear that the way to her heart is closed and and anyone looking for love should take a U-turn from her.


The Family Man

Sam, who won rave reviews for her performance in The Family Man 2, said she didn't know showrunners Raj and DK before, but took up the role because she wanted to break her bubbly, chirpy, image and do something challenging.


Mantra for Marriage

Since Akshay has been married to Twinkle Khanna for 21 years, KJo couldn't help but ask the superstar the mantra behind having a successful marriage.

Akshay kept the answer short and sweet.

All husbands, he said, should just listen to their wives when they speak and never ask or answer back until they are done.

Wise indeed!

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