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Chiranjeevi's brother does his bit for the common man

November 02, 2007 17:24 IST

Telugu film industry's top star and Chiranjeevi's brother Pawan Kalyan has decided to extend a helping hand to the common man by launching an organisation named, rather aptly, the Common Man Protection Force, recently.


In a telephonic interview, Kalyan said his initiative to start a new non-political organisation was to create a strong awareness among the people of Andhra Pradesh about their own rights and duties to the motherland. 


The actor also said he planned to branch out to other states where his fan clubs are already functioning, after successfully implementing the programme in AP. 


"I want to see this organisation developing into a people's movement and I want to extend its activities and influence to the neighbouring states like Karnataka and Orissa," said the media-shy star who enjoys a large fan following in these two states.


"I want to channelise my own energy and also that of my huge fan following into the developmental activities that I have undertaken though the Common Man Protection Force.  


"Like R K Laxman (acclaimed cartoonist) who chose to highlight the problems and aspirations of the common man through his cartoons, I too want to create an awareness about things like the environment, right to information and many other things."


Kalyan, who is presently working in a new film Jalsa directed by Trivikram Srinivas, has several hits to his credit, including Kushi and Thammudu, which became blockbusters.  


The actor enjoys a good following among the youth. And having a superstar as a brother has ensured him a substantial influence and stature in the industry though he is often described as an emotional and straightforward personality.  


"I was thinking about starting a pro-people organisation for quite

some time and then one day the idea took root immediately. That is the reason why I chose to start this organisation and donate my own fund (Rs 1 crore)," he said.


"Within days of my announcement I find many people are voluntarily donating money and materials. My fan organisation in Nandyal has already donated an ambulance for the benefit of the Common Man Protection Force," Kalyan added.


The star has already started discussions with people who have made substantial achievements in various areas. He wants to interact with several people and formulate a code of conduct for the members of his organisation.  


"I am in the process of finalising the draft which can give an idea about the activities of our organisation. I want it to be a non-political body and it should remain that way.


Kalyan is also very attached to his brother and never hesitates to come to his brother's aid. Just recently he took on veteran actor Mohan Babu when the latter launched a diatribe against Chiranjeevi during the Vajrothsavam Celebrations of the Telugu film industry.


However, Kalyan does not feel the formation of this organisation and the request he made for revoking his gun licence have anything to do with what had happened in his family recently. 


"It may be sheer coincidence that my niece Srija got married and just after a few days I announced the formation of this organisation. If you remember correctly, I had also spoken about what was going on in my mind during the launch of my film Sathyagrahi a few months ago.


"I have taken up many projects individually, but many times I thought of involving my fans in many developmental works that I intended to do in future," said Kalyan.


The star also said he was inspired by the ideals of Che Guevera, the Latin American revolutionary, and Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan.

R G Vijayasarathy