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Is Sidharth A Majnu In Real Life?

Last updated on: December 27, 2022 08:55 IST

What is the next Mission in Majnu Sidharth Malhotra's mind?

The media may have asked the actor this question, but they seemed to know the answer to it as well.

Chants of 'Kiara, Kiara' filled the air during the song launch for Rabba Janda in Sid's next film, Mission Majnu, with Rashmika Mandanna, but the actor refused to blush.

"Majnu ke zindagi mein aage kya hoga, aapko dekhan padega agle saal. Agar Majnu izhar kareein or baad mein kare...seedha kar denge!" Sid answers to hoots and cheers from the crowds.

Afsar Dayatar/ captures the action.


Sidharth Malhotra and Rashmika Mandanna at the Rabba Janda song launch for their Netflix film, Mission Majnu. Photograph: PTI Photo

Is Sidharth a Manju in real life too?

The question may have caught him off guard, making him pause, but then he gives an honest answer in this video.

"Har ladki ke life mein majnugiri zaroorat hoti hai!"


"When I was doing this film, because it was based in the 1970s and I'm a big fan of Bachchansaab, Bachchansaab ki look, bell bottom pants aur white-collared shirts was my reference," Sidharth says.

"But mujhe producersaab se ek shikayat thi," Sid adds, and shares just what his complaint was.


Does Sidharth love action more or romance?

"Action ke saath romance!" he answers.

How would Rashmika describe Sid? She tells us here.


Watch Sidharth and Rashmika dance to their new song, Rabba Janda.