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Kangana's Election Speeches Hot Up

May 20, 2024 10:00 IST

Kangana Ranaut loves to make headlines.

So as she continues to address election rallies in Mandi for the Lok Sabha polls, she has been making several statements.

Photographs: ANI Photo

Kangana has been quoted as saying that she will quit Bollywood if she is elected MP.


Because the film world is 'fake'.

But isn't she a part of it? :)


Then, will Emergency, her next project as actor and director, be her last film release?

Kangana's other projects include Alaukik Desai's epic drama, Sita: The Incarnation, a biopic on Bengal theatre legend Noti Binodini and a thriller with R Madhavan.

Oh, she's also vying for the MP Of The Year award if she gets elected!


Kangana, if seems, will never cease to entertain no matter what platform she is on.

On Saturday, Kangana hit the campaign trail in Nachan, Mandi.

This is Kangana's formidable Congress adversary, Vikramaditya Singh, whose mother Pratibha Singh is the current MP from Mandi. His late father Virbhadra Singh was a six time chief minister of Himachal Pradesh and the Mandi constituency has voted for the Singh family in the past.

Photographs curated by Anant Salvi/ and Manisha Kotian/