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'I would love to be a female Johnny Depp'

By Rajul Hegde
Last updated on: March 02, 2017 18:42 IST
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'I love watching Teleshopping; it's a stress-buster. I can watch it for three-four hours. I love the way they talk.'

'I think Teleshopping was made for me.'

A closer look at Commando 2 actress Adah Sharma.

Photograph: Adah Sharma/ Instagram

Adah Sharma, best known for her work in films like 1920 and Hasee Toh Phasee, will be seen in this week's release Commando 2. 

The film sees her in a lighter role, lending able support to the action hero Vidyut Jammwal.

Adah tells contributor Rajul Hegde what sets her apart from other heroines.

How big is your role in an action film?

I play an encounter specialist, who is on a mission with Vidyut’s character to uncover black money. She is from a small town called Vijawada and goes abroad for the first time on this mission.

Once she is out there, she isn’t interested in the mission any more. She decides her mission is to look good, shop and do some sightseeing. She clicks a lot of pictures to prove that she has been abroad.

The audience will see a heroine character, which is funny and weird.

The roles I have played so far are either serious or emotional. This is the first time I play a fun role, bringing a lighter side to the situation.


IMAGE: Adah Sharma with Vidyut Jammwal in Commando 2

Was it easy to play a Telugu character in the film since you have worked in that film industry?

I am a Tamilian and have done seven Telugu films in the last two years.

I have stayed in Hyderabad longer than in Mumbai in the past few years. I have picked up a lot of things there.

I am happy with the trailer's feedback. People from Hyderabad called and said that I pause at the right places and am not overdoing it. 

Sometimes, when an accent is overdone, it gets annoying.

I had to work hard to ruin my English and Hindi and get the Hyderabadi accent. I would like to believe that my English in real life is immaculate. Sunitaji (Sharma, acting coach), who taught Aamir Khan in Dangal and Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, helped me a lot. The accent was kept realistic so that it doesn’t appear like a caricature. 

Commando 2 is essentially an action film. Do you get to do any action?

Yes, I have done action in the film but not like Vidyut. I learnt to hold a gun. The gun shooting scenes had to look authentic.

It’s not easy to handle a gun; it’s quite heavy. When you shoot, you shouldn’t move back. I was taught how to hold a gun and shoot. 

What did you think of Vidyut as a action hero? 

He is fabulous, can’t say much because it’s there for everyone to see on screen. I got to see it live.

It’s good to see someone who is dedicated and disciplined and can still be so much fun to work with.

I love watching stunts. My mom does Mallakhamba (a traditional Indian sport) and I do that with her. I have been into gymnastics since I was three.

Photograph: Adah Sharma/ Instagram

You have done films like the horror film 1920 and Telugu film Kshanam, which is high on emotions. Do they affect you?

I have played emotionally unstable characters in most of my films. They haven't affected me yet. I am so exhausted after the shoot that I come back to my room, workout, watch Teleshopping on television, eat and hit the bed.

I love watching Teleshopping; it's a stress-buster. I can watch it for three-four hours. I love the way they talk.

When I do my make up in the van, I mimic them. I love mimicking people and actors too. Sometimes when I meet my friends at parties, I do the whole Teleshopping act, like how if they wear a particular ring, they can lose weight (laughs). I think Teleshopping was made for me.

Is there any role you wish to do?

If I was a boy, I would have loved to play Aamir Khan’s role in Dangal.

I would like to do range of films. Aishwarya Rai has done a variety of roles like Dhoom 2, Devdas and Jodha Akbar.

I have seen Johnny Depp films, where you don’t recognise him, he becomes the character. I would love to be a female Johnny Depp.

Romance is my favourite genre. I feel that is what I am best at. 

How did your parents react when you told them you wanted to become an actress?

My parents never told me what to do; they gave me freedom of thought. They were supportive in whatever profession I chose.

IMAGE: Adah with her mother. Photograph: Adah Sharma/ Instagram

How difficult was it for you to enter the film industry?

It’s difficult to get work in the film industry because there is so much competition.

Nowadays, everybody looks good and has a perfect body. What sets you apart is the way you perform, and that is not where everyone focuses. That's what is expected at the end. On the basis of that, I have always got the role.

In 1920, they felt I didn’t fit the look but they took me and made me fit the look because they felt I acted well. I have got many films like that.

Any girl would want to be a part of the Commando franchise. The role required a performance and my audition stood out.

That sets me apart from the others. 

Do you think having a Godfather will help you to get work easily?

Yes, maybe for the first couple of films. But for me, I have God on my side, so I don’t need a godfather.

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