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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'I wore a raincoat and played Holi!'

'I wore a raincoat and played Holi!'

March 24, 2016 12:23 IST

'My earliest Holi memory is of the rowdy boys in our small town, dunking everyone who stepped out of their houses into muddy water.'

The festival of colours is here, and television actors share their favourite Holi memories.

Here's taking a look.


Debina Bonnerjee Choudhary

My favourite Holi memory was when I was in school, and had just recovered from chicken pox. I wasn't allowed to play Holi but my friends tempted me so much that I wore a raincoat and played it!

My mother, of course, caught me and was quite angry but the excitement of celebrating the festival in a raincoat is something I will always cherish!

As for this year, it will be a small celebration with my parents at home, and applying gulaal on each other.


Sara Arfeen Khan

My favourite Holi memory is during the time I was shooting for my show Dhoondh Legi Manzil, a couple of years ago. I had some time off during the festival and so I visited a friend's home to celebrate.

I clearly remember that when I reached my friend's building, everyone started throwing water and colour on me from everywhere!

I just stood there not knowing what to do but I was pleasantly surprised by the awesome Holi surprise!

This year, I have already celebrated Holi in London two weeks ago. 


Rithvik Dhanjani

My earliest Holi memory is of the rowdy boys in our small town, dunking everyone who stepped out of their houses into muddy water. We threw water balloons on people's windows as well!

This year I will be working in the US during Holi. But I will attend some Holi events there.


Aashka Goradia

My favourite Holi memories are the ones in school, when I would make water balloons with my cousins throughout the night before Holi, and then burst them on each other the next day.

My parents would also play Holi with so much enthusiasm and love!

But nowadays, after the seeing the way people play Holi, I don't step out of my house at all. I completely avoid celebrating it. I'm also being eco-friendly and not wasting any water. 


Nandish Sandhu

My best Holi memories are my childhood ones, back home in Rajasthan, with my entire family and some close friends.

We would burn the Holika a night before, and play with a lot of colours on Holi. We would enjoy a nice lunch after a big pooja.

I don't have any Holi plans this year.