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'I knew I could survive in the Bigg Boss house'

July 24, 2018 15:30 IST

'No class will prepare you for Bigg Boss.'
'Each day and situation is new in Bigg Boss and you have to go with the flow.'

Actress Megha Dhade has won the first Marathi Bigg Boss.

Pushkar Jog and Smita Gondkar followed closely behind, as the first and second runner-up, respectively.

Megha takes home Rs 18.60 lakh (Rs 1.86 million) thanks to the entertainment she provided on the show. She managed the kitchen and did the major household chores, and viewers obviously loved her strategy.

Her friendship with Sai Lokur and Pushkar was the highlight of her journey.

Megha describes her stint on the show with contributor Rajul Hegde.


You made history by being the winner of the first season of the Marathi Bigg Boss.

It's surreal, like a dream-come-true.

I was an avid watcher of Hindi Bigg Boss; it's my all-time favourite show.

I feel so proud and blessed that this opportunity came my way.

I cannot thank my fans enough for taking the time out and voting for me.

Did you have a plan for surviving in the house?

No. Whenever I watched (the Hindi) Bigg Boss, the way they (contestants) dealt with the situations would surprise me.

I was offered the show just a week before it went on air.

Since I am a strong-headed person with a fearless attitude, I knew I could survive in the house.

I was what I am in real life. I did not modify anything for the show.

And it's impossible to be fake 24/7 when you are surrounded by so many cameras.

The winner of Bigg Boss-11, Shilpa Shinde, also managed the kitchen. Did you want to win people's hearts through cooking?

Not at all. This is typical Marathi culture, and both of us have that in us. Maharastrian girls are mostly homely.

My husband and daughter are complete foodies, so I keep trying various recipes at home.

Cooking was my stress-buster in the Bigg Boss house, as we did not have much entertainment.

Actually, I was waiting for someone to offer me a cookery show before I came on Bigg Boss.

I keep telling my husband that I want to produce a cookery show for myself.

So you were a hit in the kitchen?

I don't know, but everybody loved my cooking in the house.

We had limited stuff. I could have prepared a variety of dishes with more things.

Apparently, (contestant) Sushant Shelar used to hate me. I got to know only after I came out, but he also praised my cooking.

I would cook food separately for him, as he liked it spicy.

Feeding the housemates was my way of expressing my affection.

Was it tough to live in the house?

Yes. I was confident that I would win, but sometimes, the situations were against me.

Yet, I was sure that the viewers would judge best.

I believed that whatever may be the views of the housemates, it's theirs, not mine. That should not change me.

Bigg Boss was my strength and always understood me.

If the housemates turned against me, I knew the Confession Room would always be open and I could share my thoughts.

The journey was exciting, and I love to have thrills in life.

Life will be boring if it's about running on just one track.

I am glad I could fight and emerge as a winner.

Your favourite moment in the house?

I had wanted my birthday to be celebrated inside the Bigg Boss house, and it was! (smiles)

You said you want to start Bigg Boss classes after you come out of the house.

(Laughs) I said that for fun.

No class will prepare you for Bigg Boss. Each day and situation is new in Bigg Boss and you have to go with the flow.

What will you miss the most?

I will miss the entire Bigg Boss house, especially the kitchen.

None of the contestants were difficult to live with, the situations make everyone selfish.

I will stay in touch with all the housemates, and have no hard feelings.

What next?

I want to spend some time with my family and then get back to work.

I am open to good work. I am comfortable in Hindi too.

Rajul Hegde