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'I am imperfect and proud of it'

By Rajul Hegde
Last updated on: January 16, 2018 16:27 IST
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'The show has brought one major change in me.'
'I am going to mend my differences with people.'
'When we can do this in the Bigg Boss house, why can't we do that outside?'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Hina Khan/Instagram

Hina Khan didn't win Bigg Boss 11.

Shilpa Shinde, the winner, and Hina may have exchanged barbs on the show, but Hina insists the two women share a good equation.

Viewers who saw Hina as a dutiful bahu on the small screen for eight years saw a very different side of her on the reality show.

Hina discusses Bigg Boss 11. Rajul Hegde listens in.



I am not feeling bad at all.

Living in the Bigg Boss house is a roller-coaster ride. I didn't expect to reach the finals. But I was sure that I would be in the top five.

It's a very tough competition, and some were playing the game very well.

I was in the top two, which itself is a great achievement.

I thought I would get eliminated mid-season. So I am very proud of myself and my journey.

IMAGE: Hina's first photograph outside the Bigg Boss house, with her family. Photograph: Kind courtesy Hina Khan/Instagram

What went wrong?

I don't think anything went wrong. This is how I am, that's how I have been on the show.

I am imperfect and proud of it. No one is perfect.

Shilpa played the game well, but this doesn't mean the others did not contribute.

I am a huge Bigg Boss fan and I have watched every season.

From my experience, as a viewer, my favourite contestant keeps changing.

Finally, one contestant becomes my final favourite. The contestants are not as big as the show.

Just like Salman (Khan, host) said, the difference of votes between Shilpa and me were just a few thousand. That is not a big deal.

I believe all four top contestants are winners.

Vikas (Gupta) played really well. Both of us did our tasks till the last day of the season.

He was always my competition in the tasks. And we fought a lot too (smiles).

IMAGE: Shilpa Shinde wins Bigg Boss 11.

What equation do you share with Shilpa now?

Very good. Didn't you see us on stage?

Only two of us were left; how much more could we fight?

Winning or losing is not important. It's more important to win hearts and respect.

At one point, you felt the game was getting biased towards Shilpa.

Similar situations happened in my home when I would feel that my parents were giving more attention to my brother. He would feel the same. It's human and natural.

Everything is fair in this game. Nothing is scripted.

Has the show changed you in any way?

The show has brought one major change in me.

I am now going to mend my differences with people (outside the house) and hug them.

When we can do this in the Bigg Boss house, why can't we do that outside?

Do you regret anything in the house?

No. We said many things, but we would say sorry the next morning.

I don't think any contestant has any regrets.

IMAGE: The many moods of Hina Khan inside Bigg Boss 11. Photograph: Kind courtesy Hina Khan/Instagram

You called Sakshi Tanwar 'cock-eyed' on Bigg Boss.

I am a big fan of Sakshi Tanwar. I love her as a performer.

I would like to clarify that a lot of times, things are said with one intention and it gets misinterpreted.

What you see is only 45 minutes of what happens in a full day.

At times, you only hear part of a conversation.

I really respect two woman actors -- Sakshi and Smriti Irani.

I am sorry. I take my words back if they came across like that. I never meant it.

What next for you?

I want to rest a while.

But I don't mind getting into films.

I don't want to be judgmental because I started with daily soaps.

I am what I am because of TV. I am open to everything.

Will we hear about wedding plans with Rocky Jaiswal?

Not at all. We have a long way to go.

We just want to enjoy ourselves.

I am glad it's finally out in public.

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