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Here's why Ileana loves Fiji!

May 16, 2019 11:56 IST

Ileana D'Cruz has been visiting Fiji regularly since the last few years. She was there in 2016, in 2017 and in 2018 as well.

Since Fiji has become her annual destination, people have been asking her what's so great about the place, says the actress.

'Everyone keeps asking me what is it about Fiji that I love so much!

'So here you go, these are a few of my favourite (Fiji) things Making new friends! Chilling with the locals, enjoying Kava. Enjoying warm bear hugs from these adorable little munchkins. Drinking in the colours of the Fijian sunset.

'Are any of these your fav things as well? #bulahappiness #fijinow #ileanainfiji #fijihappy'


'Making new friends!' We would like these friends too, Ileana!


'Chilling with the locals, enjoying Kava'. Looks like a yummy hot cuppa!


'Enjoying warm bear hugs from these adorable little munchkins'. Awww!! So chweet!


'Drinking in the colours of the Fijian sunset'. Lovely indeed.

Photographs: Kind courtesy Ileana D'Cruz/Instagram

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