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Have you fallen out of love? READ THIS!

April 30, 2021 10:41 IST
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'There is no one way of being in love and there is no one way of feeling it.'

IMAGE: Purab Kohli and Rasika Duggal in Out Of Love 2.

Falling in love is beautiful.

We've watched so many love stories with happy-ever-after endings but nobody talks about what happens when the love starts to fade and the couple falls out of love.

Rasika Duggal and Purab Kohli bring us the second season of their Web series Out Of Love, which tells you to what extent one can go when the love disappears.

So what should people, who have grown out of love with their partner, do?

Purab tells Contributor Mohnish Singh, "They should not be in that relationship anymore. They should let go of that relationship."

Rasika adds, "Or get help. Any professional help to help them through their bad times, because every relationship changes."

What is Out of Love 2 all about?

Rasika Duggal: Season 1 ends where Akarsh decides to leave and start a new life.

Meera is struggling to find her own position in this town which she has come to because of Akarsh and find her own life again without him.

Season 2 begins with Meera in a happy and content space, with a good relationship with the people around her and with her child until Akarsh decides to come back again.

Then it is kind of a psychological warfare between them and they make some pretty erratic and ugly decisions which do not go well with either of them or the people around them.

Purab Kohli: The general theme is revenge.

I feel what really worked for Out of Love is that if something like this happens to somebody's life, they would love to do what Meera Kapoor did in season 1.

But they don't end up doing that because most people tend to forget and forgive and move on. But to go on to actually destroy somebody who has done something bad to you, it is an extreme kind of reaction which people enjoy seeing more than doing.

I think that the same intensity, the same extremeness, if there is such a word, is in both the characters as they clash in season two.

IMAGE: Rasika and Purab in Out Of Love.

The first season of the show received positive response. How nervous or excited are you ahead of the launch of Out Of Love 2 because expectations are riding high this time?

Rasika Duggal: No, in fact, we feel that if season 1 has a loyal following, our job in season 2 becomes easier because people are already sort of invested in the characters.

They want to know what will happen.

Purab Kohli: When Out of Love released, it got so much love and appreciation.

One was expecting that because it's a good series, it's a very well written show.

One was expecting a lot of appreciation for Meera's character and how she plays out.

I was pleasantly surprised that people even liked Akarsh.

In my career spanning over two decades, there are a few parts and a few projects that people remember forever. They keep talking about it, keep calling you that character's name.

And I have had the opportunity of being a Mazhar (Hip Hip Hurray) or being a KD (Rock On!!) and now with Akarsh, people often meet me and say, 'Out of Love? Akarsh?'

People have asked me at airports and wherever they have bumped into me, is there a season 2?

Of course, nobody ever knows if a season 2 is going to happen until the platform approves it.

I was genuinely excited when I put out my first post when I was going to shoot Out of Love 2 because it was an answer to all those people who asked me for over a year if there would be a season 2.

I was like, 'It's coming soon. Wow, season 2 is happening.'

I enjoyed playing Akarsh this time around because of the graph that he has, the layers that he has, what all he goes through in the second season and his clash with Meera.

Already Rasika's and my families are calling us and asking: Does he kill her? Are you going to die?

We said, you have to watch the show.

What advice do you have for all those people who have grown out of love with their partners but are still stuck in the loveless relationship?

Purab Kohli: They should not be in that relationship anymore. They should let go of that relationship.

Rasika Duggal: Or get help. Any professional help to help them through their bad times because every relationship changes.

Purab Kohli: Yeah, before you get out of love, get help.


What was Rasika and Purab's first impressions of each other? Watch the video to find out!


IMAGE: Rasika and Purab in Out Of Love.

Do you believe that the definition of love has gone from being about the couple to being about the individual?

Purab Kohli: It's an interesting question.

When you talk about love within a relationship, it has to be between two people who are working together towards things.

When you talk about love in general and feeling loved, I think it starts from loving yourself and then projecting that love onto everything and everybody.

Akarsh's character in Out of Love is like that.

I think he loves himself so much, he feels he has so much love inside him, that he wants to go on and give it to everybody who comes his way.

Rasika Duggal: What I find exciting about love is that it constantly changes for me.

There is no one way of being in love and there is no one way of feeling it.

It constantly changes, and that's the beauty of it.

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