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Dipika Kakar wins Bigg Boss 12!

December 30, 2018 23:45 IST

Did Dipika deserve the big win? Do tell us in the message board bellow!

After spending over 100 days in the Bigg Boss house, Dipika Kakar has emerged the winner.

And you, dear readers, knew it all along!

After all, you predicted it so correctly!

The television actress played her cards well and has now won prize money of Rs 30 lakh along with making a niche for herself in Bigg Boss history.

Of the five finalists, Karanvir Bohra and Romil Choudhary were the first to go.

Host Salman Khan gave the three finalists -- Dipikar, S Sreesanth and Deepak Thakur -- a chance to win money, but forfeit winning the show, by offering a suitcase containing Rs 20 lakh. The contestants had to press the buzzer to claim it.

Deepak, probably knowing his chances of winning were slim, pressed the buzzer, and took the suitcase.


Sreesanth played a fantastic game throughout, but he had to contend with being the runner-up.

Dipika always took care of people around her on the show, especially her 'brother' Sreesanth. It seems to have worked for her, as her fans were impressed by her conduct.

With Salman providing his share of entertainment, it's time to bring down the curtain on this season of the reality show.

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