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'Bol Niti Bol MUST go on'

July 26, 2010 13:52 IST
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Niti DuaTrust Ekta Kapoor to come up with something new. The television czar recently launched her first, exclusively online Internet show, Bol Niti Bol. 

The show is a web diary of 18-year-old girl Niti Dua who shares with the world details about her life, her friends, her loves and heartaches through her web camera.

After hearing her stories, fans got a chance to chat with the teenager during a rediff chat last week. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.

Niti Dua says, Hello guys! Niti Dua IS here!

rajesh asked, hi Niti
Niti Dua answers,  Hello rajesh! wusssup!

Rossi asked, Hi Niti,,,,,,, wat is shows all about?
Niti Dua answers, The show is about myself. Niti Dua! its my web journal about my life: dreams, hopes, nightmares! and EVERYTHING ELSE! sab kuch!

MastanaDhoni asked, Hi Niti is it working with Ekta...
Niti Dua answers, Its working out AWESOME! like brilliant-O! She's superb to work with!

fareed asked, she will be online at 3 i think sooooo
Niti Dua answers, Hey Fareed, here I am!

asd_143 asked, hi niti what ur role in film
Niti Dua answers, ITS not a FILM, its a VIDEO BLOG on the net! :)

Niti Dua answers, ITS ALREADY ON AIR, on! PLEASE do check it out! :)

rani asked, whats up
Niti Dua answers, Hey Rani, how do you do?

m asked, hi good morning
Niti Dua answers, Afternoon, more like, no? wussup M!

satya asked, ur life is full of fun, but our life is very hard
Niti Dua answers, Hey Satya, yeh kaise ho sakta hai? I am AS MUCH normal, as much ordinary MANGO PERSON (aam admi) as you are!! Aal is well!

np asked, Can you tell about your roll in brief ?
Niti Dua answers, My role, is myself! See, NP, mere dost, I play myself all the time! my bakwaas... my jhamelaas... my problems... my sibling jealousies... loves... crushes... its all about ME!

Lafangey asked, we wanna u act in hollywood movies.
Niti Dua answers, Hey Lafangey,... cool hai! bas PRAY karte rahena dost, and you never know sach ho jaye! :D

huma asked, hey niti whts up
Niti Dua answers, Hey Huma! Where are you? I am good.

talkative asked, hello pretty
Niti Dua answers, Hello? Hello? Gossip bola aur kahaaaan gayab ho gaya dost?

abacool asked, Hi niti ,the serial sounds a new concept in INDIA -only 17 episodes,how challenging was it to work in it
Niti Dua answers, Good question, Abacool. it was challenging to think what do I want to do with my time. I had an idea. and I knew how to execute it. All I needed was a voice to gimme a platform. And I GOT ONE, and its been AWESOMME!

Ghusja asked, I heard Ekata Kapoor casting couch each actress of TV screen. how was your experience??
Niti Dua answers, Who told you that? Its absolutely untrue! :)

Riz asked, haye niti howz life ?
Niti Dua answers, Life is good! Difficult, like a normal teenager's life is! So many things in my head... so much to do!! :)

ashish asked, hi babes ..May i know your academic background ,i mean where u 4m and ur qualifications or u just entered TV by a source.
Niti Dua answers, I'm in college right now! No source. I had a lot of ideas in my head, and wanted to figure out what to do with them. Aur mujhe ek platform chahiye tha... jo mil gaya. And yeh bohot hi inspiring hai!

Thinker asked, Niti - What is your aim and ambition in life?
Niti Dua answers, My aim in life is to be someone who is remembered for what she has done rather than who she is around. You see maine koshish kia hai to be different... I am mad, to some extent, and it is necessary you be mad to survive in this mad mad world!

eklavya asked, Bol niti bol sounds like todays forward generation show
Niti Dua answers, YES. Now thats inspiring! :)

baby asked, your predecesors ( i dont remember their names) had bad taste working with this lady ??
Niti Dua answers, Nope. I had absolute fun!

eklavya asked, hey niti , how old r u?
Niti Dua answers, I am 18 :)

saurabh asked, Hi r u? Do your wit at the show comes naturally or there is some preparation for it!!!!!!
Niti Dua answers, I'd tell you what. I have a brainwave, about what I wanna talk about. something or the other happens to me anyways, just like everyone else's lives... and BINGO! that idea hits me, and I make a VIDEO BLOG. Simple hai ! :)

SasurBhiKabhiBachchaTha asked, hey niti this is aniti.
Niti Dua answers, Hey Aniti, I like your USERNAME :D

amit121 asked, niti, how r u, first time have hear this name,could u pls describe the meaning..
Niti Dua answers, Values! This is what my name means!

Shedil asked, hi niti u r cutest n sexy
Niti Dua answers, Thank you, Shedil!

SasurBhiKabhiBachchaTha asked, will u expose if the need arises?
Niti Dua answers, NOPE. Why expose ? These videoblogs are strictly about my life. Expose kyon karu? By the way, I am anyway popular ;) I don't need any shortcuts you see! God bless! Hehe :D

eren asked, When balaji will be merged with Reliance Telemedia
Niti Dua answers, Why? Are you looking for a job? :)

abacool asked, Hi Niti Wishing to a long and successful career
Niti Dua answers, Thank you SO SO SO MUCH! GOD BLESS dost :)

DG asked, U njoy exposing ur private life??
Niti Dua answers, Wouldn't you? If you had an exciting life?

RK asked, So whoz your role model
Niti Dua answers, My parents! :)

SasurBhiKabhiBachchaTha asked, will i get a role of villian in ekta kapoors serial?
Niti Dua answers, Depends.... on whether you can ACT!

amzykapoor asked, Hi Niti.. I liked ur on the face acting on the video blog.. u quite suit the role.. Are u getting some more offers.. Anything in movies / serials, etc..
Niti Dua answers, I want to concentrate on this currently. Looking good to chalta hai boss... but mujhe khushi bhi to milni chahiye.. RIGHT?

eren asked, Who is Ekta. Is she owner of Balaji Telefilms?
Niti Dua answers, Wouldn't you rather GOOGLE it?

chatter asked, Niti - Love your serial. Which is your most fav episode?
Niti Dua answers, All are my favourites! My bestest one is obviousely "MAI TUMHARE BACCHE KI MAA BANNE WALI HOON".. and the "BHAGWAAN KE GHAR DHER HAI ANDHER NAHI!"

Ranbir asked, Hello Niti, I like your acting and presentation. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Niti Dua answers, I don't know, Ranbir. Just go with flow... hai na? Zyada plan karke kya hoga dost? Sab kuch simply lene ka... bas!! :)

public opinion asked, Hi Niti... How is Prof. Thurkee doing
Niti Dua answers, Oh he's doing NOT SO GOOD! kyonki after I sent that mail (hahaha... usme to majaa agaya!).. His reputation has gone down the drain! But now he doesn't DARE tease me... ! FUNNN!! lmao!

rohan asked, its all a big bluff. No ones there...
Niti Dua answers, Hello Rohan? Dikh araha hai na? Niti dua tumse chati-ya rahi hai! LOL!

hellllo asked, @niti........ u r beautiful
Niti Dua answers, Ohhh... thank you thank you thank you...

prab asked, already so many webcams are on the net
Niti Dua answers, Really? Are you watching them all? Batao batao... sharmao mat! Heehee

MARRYmeNITI asked, Atleast say something!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes or No But please answer----- Will You marry me...?????
Niti Dua answers, No re. Not interested. :)

am0042000 asked, Ekta Kapoor's been the Queen of the silver screen.. but there had been reports in media that she expects more than 100% from her actors.. what you feel about it? are you ready for a challenge to prove Ekta's faith in you?
Niti Dua answers, If someone runs almost like an empire like her, and runs it so well, why expect anything less than 100%? I say expect 200%, fir bhi kam hai. Hai na?

daisydew asked, do you avoid nagging parents?
Niti Dua answers, Mmm. Just DISAPPEAR! Parents to pyaar hi karte hai Daisy... if they wont, it'd be less fun! So tension nahi leneka... bura mat suno,.. bura mat kaho,.. aur bura dekhne se pahele KALAA chashma laga do! hehe! :)

The one asked, So what is the best date u had till date
Niti Dua answers, I DID NOT! :)

nip asked, hi niti wass up?
Niti Dua answers, Good hoon yaar... you tell!

vadi asked, Hi Niti,Is there any plans of entering bollywood or into ramp world
Niti Dua answers, Let me finish these stories of my life. Then let me figure out what I want to do in life. Then let me figure out what makes me happy... uske baad yeh sab! life itnaaaa LAAAAAMBA hai... ! And mai chhoti si nanhi si. So cool hai... abhi yeh sochne ka time hai! :)

rajeshasi asked, Whats is your gmail id...
Niti Dua answers, You have nothing else to ask? :( :(

anurag asked, you represent young and vibrant INDIA, lots of hope from you. use this platform to create a niche for urself
Niti Dua answers, Thank you so much ANURAG. I hope my voice reaches to all. And I hope people like yourself keep inspiring me. Thank you so much!

Niti Dua answers, THANK YOU so much! Inspire kar dia ekdam bas! Ab its making me SO SUPER EXCITED that so many watch my show! Niti bohoottt khush hui! :)

AmitPant asked, your intro video says you are from Mumbai. Why not a Marathi name instead of Niti Dua
Niti Dua answers, Simply because I'm not a Marathi, Amit :)

subhajit asked, can he hope to see u in films
Niti Dua answers, Me too! :) But only if Niti ko pasand aye...! :)

Cobb asked, Is this all a dream?
Niti Dua answers, Nahi! Sach hai sab kuch!

MARRYmeNITI asked, thanks yaar reply to kiya......
Niti Dua answers, No problemo! :)

jaseem asked, What is the secret behind your so Fresh Face?
Niti Dua answers, SLEEP! Hehe, sach hai dost! Sleep is the best beauty secret, pata nahi? Whenever I get time.. I sleep! hehe!

rajeshasi asked, @Niti ... Aap shaadi kab karogi..
Niti Dua answers, Ab shaadi ke baare mein puchhke bore mat karo yaar... Ask me something more exciting!

DHARAM asked, hi niti.. whats your opinion on dating ??
Niti Dua answers, I think dating is very good way to find out ladka/ladki kaisi hai... if he/she is my type or not? Mujhe usse hi to pata chala ke mere dates itne bakwaas kyon jaate hai?

nitin_i asked, what all things inspires u ?
Niti Dua answers, A lotta things around me you know..from friends and family..All the good stuff..all the achievements. How their life affects people around them and me..

Nikhilboy asked, Niti - I loved the Chipku boyfriend ka episode :) too funny. I also want to be your serial
Niti Dua answers, You want to "be my serial"? Really? That's impossible, you know :D

DD asked, How do you feel ,been a star ?
Niti Dua answers, Its nothing really. People know me now, because of what I am, and what I say. Baaki sab ordinary hai bas! :)

Raja Rancho asked, Niti you are still single?
Niti Dua answers, YES I am. Totally single.

Nikhil Gala asked, What's the secret of urs this BINDAASness ? boost ? :P
Niti Dua answers, HONESTLY? Secret janna chahoge? Shhh... secret is... KUCH NAHI.. lol. I'm just myself, I play myself, act myself. Bilkul no secret!

alskfh asked, sab milke niti k liye dua karo :)
Niti Dua answers, Thank you ji! You come come ji! :D

bunty asked, niti dear - im a huuuuge fan of u. Please give me 2 tips for finding a good girl for me?????
Niti Dua answers, Be yourself ekdam! Bindasss rahene ka.. jaisa tum ho, waise hi act karneka.. kuch aur banne ki koshish nahi karneka..! If a girl likes you the way you are, bas COOOOOOOL hai.. .nothing like it.. go for it!

jaseem asked, Jitni Aapki Aawaaz Khoobsurat hai, kiya aap bhi utni hee Khoobsooorat Ho?
Niti Dua answers, Well, video mein to DONO HI DIKHTA HAI.. shakal.. aur awaaz.. aap decide kar lena! Thank you ji! :)

bisleri asked, hi niti do you believe in prince charming showing up one day on a white horse
Niti Dua answers, YES! Only sabka prince charming thoda diff hota hai. Like my Prince Charming kisme ata hai... se zyada important hai.. woh mujhe MILTA KAISE HAI! bas mil jaye, to niti khush! :)

prp asked, Tell Me Niti...about your serial....What is next charachter....Are you any other project...
Niti Dua answers, Bol Niti Bol MUST go on... this IS my character, this is ME.

sumit asked, hi niti , u looks so beautiful. in ur opinion is 1 night stand ok?
Niti Dua answers, Nope. One night stands aren't okay at all!

kurru asked, life is going hard.few happy ppl like u makes me smile.keep smilling
Niti Dua answers, Hi Kurru... Dost you rock... ! Thank you thank you thank you! you too keep smiling!

Karl asked, what if you fall in love & your Mom goes against it?
Niti Dua answers, Let me find a guy I can REALLY fall in love with pahele... uske baad dekh lenge!

Nikhil Gala. asked, I know one should not but aren't you ashamed of posting those things? I like that you are very forward girl :) cheers and love :)
Niti Dua answers, Why ashamed? Chori thodi na kia hai? I have nothing to be ashamed of, Nikhil, its aam zindagi and normal everyday life. I have a voice, I'm using it. Simple.

Niti Dua answers, THANK YOU JI! You rock! Keep watching my show! Its going to get EVEN MOOORRRRE EXCITING!!

Nikhil Gala. asked, Honest review by me Nikhil Gala, Bol Niti Bol is not the way dear, you should try ur talent somewhere else in real world. Do you think so?
Niti Dua answers, What is real world to you? To me real world is a place where real peole hear you, and see you and try to form opinions.

d asked, Dont you think its against ethics which make us indian to tell such pricate stuff in public ? We know what everyone goes through but bringing this to mass media is really unfortunate.Persons like you should not be promoted
Niti Dua answers, Democracy ke baare mein suna hai? It entails jitna mujhe apna voice pohuchane ka right hai... utna tumhe na dekhne ka. If you don't like.. Niti thinks you must not bite! Cool hai na? God bless!

devang asked, what kind of guy u want.....
Niti Dua answers, I want an honest cute banda... jisme THODI SI TO CHIVALRY HO boss... ! :D

hellllo asked, @niti.. r u graduate?
Niti Dua answers, Nope re. Padhai ke ilava koi aur sawaal? :)

dawra asked, Hi niti....can u suggest me what to do to overcome an irritated boss??
Niti Dua answers, Well, boss ko khush karne ka.. agar kaam karke na ho... to flattery.. as in MAKKHAN laganeka.. aur kya!

lovebug asked, Hey Niti.. where did you get this idea? i saw many community channel such as but yeah didn't saw many channel which is based on indian background.. did you get the inspiration from youtube or somthing else.?? any comment..
Niti Dua answers, Nope. Not like that. All I knew was that mere dimaag mein keeda aya, ke why don't I do something about SO MUCH that happens in my life? I started something. Then everyone started liking it.. and it only gave me inspiration!

DD asked, I can see some ugly persons ,asking anyting ... how you cope with that ?
Niti Dua answers, No one's ugly, DD. Bhagwan jisko jaisa banata hai! :P

mayank asked, Hi niti.what qualities you want to see in your boyfriend? do you want a Mr.perfect(like one who has the best job,loads of money,handsome etc.)
Niti Dua answers, I want someone who is a better person than anyone else in a room, who is honest about how he feels, how he condusct himself, and above all, how much happy his presence makes me!

mohit asked, hey Niti!! good to see ur success.. keep it up!! i hope ur the girl in the Cadbury shubharambh adv. just love it!! you express so well that i just get stuck to the screen wen u start ur BolNitiBol.. luv ya :)
Niti Dua answers, Oh no re. Its just a girl who looks like me! Kash woh mai hoti! Sigh!

sampat asked, Hi Niti, i Liked your acting, jus wat to tell best of luck....
Niti Dua answers, Thenku ji! Thanks a lot!

vicky asked, koi kabhi mere sawal ka jawab nahi deta
Niti Dua answers, Firse puchhna!

qqqureshi asked, what is ur fav. passtime?
Niti Dua answers, Talkinggggg!

GAURISH asked, Agar aapko bhagwan Prasann hua aur aapko var mangne ke liye bola to aap kaunsa var mangegi.
Niti Dua answers, Mangungi ki Niti Dua gets to run the world! :D

saurabhagg asked, hi niti .. is there a way to chat wid u like the way rj's do ????
Niti Dua answers, Nope re. Yehi batiyaenge!

Niti Dua says, Hey guys, time's up. Gotta rush. Gotta go. Cool tha to chat with you all! Love you all! Muaaah!

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