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Bridgerton Season 3 Review: Penelope-Colin Keep The Heat On

May 20, 2024 13:17 IST
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While Season 3 is no match to the previous seasons, it would be fair to expect there is a lot more for the season to reveal in terms of romance and suspense, observes Divya Nair.

Dearest Gentle Reader, did you miss me?

Of course, we did!

Lady Whistedown's mysterious and naughty voice-over (courtesy Julie Andrews) is enough to send your heart racing, filling it with excitement and wondering about the secret adventures, salacious confessions and discoveries mentioned in her latest newsletter.

After three successful chapters, including the special series titled Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Bridgerton has returned with a new season that promises to offer more romance, thrills and plot twists.

Since season 2 had already cracked the mystery of who Lady Whistedown is, it feels like a major part of the thrill may be over for the viewers. Now, it's just a matter of time until the palace and the rest of the town catch up.


The latest season begins with Queen Charlotte, aided by the reliable Lady Danbury, looking for the season's diamond among a bunch of disinterested, averagely talented young brides-to-be.

Nothing much has changed since season 1 as bright, young, talented women continue to chatter about the latest hemlines and stitches in couture, dating men with titles and bearing male children who could be potential heirs, but most of all, hoping to catch the eye of the Queen.

In the first two episodes, Penelope Featherington's strained friendship with Eloise Bridgerton influences a series of events, including the former's transition from a socially awkward butterfly to a prospective lady who is now ambitious, fearless to speak her mind, and also worthy of male attention.

Eloise, on the other hand, finds an unusual friend in Cressida Cowper. While the two have their differences, it's a welcome shift to see their rare camaraderie.

It's a pity, the makers chose to invest more time in a beauty like Francesca Bridgerton whose life and passion revolves around the piano than her sister Eloise who has more conviction, confidence and character that is more relevant to today.

With four episodes out, the new season has already set the mood for what's likely in store.

This season is about Penelope and Colin mending their past differences and experiencing their friendship in a new light.

Throughout the seasons, although the ingredients have changed, the recipe for romance has remained quite the same -- two indifferent or diverse sets of individuals reluctantly bump into each other, often dismissing their feelings for one another and ignoring the signs, thus keeping the audience waiting, wanting and invested in their development.

For episodes and episodes, these two keep colliding until tada, there is that one moment when they drop their facade and fall in love. It's usually a moment worth freezing in time.

In this season too, the battle of the mind and heart continue to challenge the couple as they navigate their personal weight of prejudice and social obligations before surrendering to what they really want.

That's what you'd expect and more of it, when you see Penelope and Colin, especially when you know exactly what the former thinks of her only male childhood friend.

Penelope and Colin's physical transformation for this season certainly helps keep the heat on.

However, the opulent sets, ballroom events, and pretty women in bosom-baring gowns give you a seen-that-before feeling that is hard to ignore.

While Colin looks like your potential man crush flaunting his bare body and teasing us with his newfound charm, the fact that he surrenders too soon to Penelope is a killjoy. It's just four episodes and Colin has already proposed marriage to Penelope!

It would be unfair to compare the sexual tension between the lead pair, but there is more romance and chemistry in just two scenes featuring Anthony and Kate Sharma, than what we anticipated for Penelope and Colin this entire season.

With two or more episodes yet to release in Part 2, let's hope the makers are likely to introduce some drama and dilemma for this unusual couple that may spice things up further. For example, how will Colin react when he finds out who Lady Whistledown is?

Will he forgive her for the damage she did?

Or will Penelope turn bitter and seek revenge?

The season also introduces a potential match for Lady Violet Bridgerton in the form of Lord Marcus, Lady Danbury's widower brother.

While Season 3 is no match to the previous seasons, it would be fair to expect there is a lot more for the season to reveal in terms of romance and suspense. Until then, let's cross our fingers that Lady Whistedown takes us by surprise.

Bridgerton Season 3 streams on Netflix.

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