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Bollywood celebrates Children's Day

By Rediff Movies
November 14, 2019 15:51 IST

Bollywood celebrated Children's Day with the cutest pictures on social media!

Take a look:


Photograph: Kind courtesy Shilpa Shetty/Instagram.

Shilpa Shetty posts a picture with her son Viaan and writes, 'Your soul is healed being with children. Thank you my son for keeping my heart ,mind and soul ALIVE. You're my ray of sunshine, On the gloomiest of days with your smile, hugs and wet kisses. May you always be protected, loved, and blessed, Thank you for making me relive my childhood vicariously through you. Love you!

'Happy Children's day to you and all the beautiful children out there who make their parents heart happy.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Bobby Deol/Instagram.

Bobby Deol posts a throwback picture with his sons Aryamaan and Dharam and writes, '@taniadeol's three musketeers.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Bipasha Basu/Instagram.

Bipasha Basu posts a fabulous then and now picture. 


Photograph: Kind courtesy Team Kangana Ranaut/Instagram.

Kangana Ranaut gets philosophical and writes, 'The most important part of growing up is to never lose your inner child. Here's to ones who stays strong and happy in all adversities.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Pulkit Samrat/Instagram.

Pulkit Samrat posts a childhood picture and writes, 'Throwback to simpler times, summer holidays & no responsibilities! #HappyChildrensDay'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Ronit Roy/Instagram.

Ronit Roy posts a picture of his children Aador and Agastya and writes, 'My Dear Babies. You guys mean the world to me. You are my life my very breath. And I love you so much. Happy children's Day. '


Photograph: Kind courtesy Juhi Parmar/Instagram.

Juhi Parmar posts a picture with her daughter Samairra and writes, 'She surprises me, amazes me and shows me colors and their beauty in a way I had never seen before. The journey maybe of a parent but with it, you become a better human being the day you start seeing everything through your child's eyes! Bring back the innocence, bring back the fun, bring back the playfulness and never shall you miss those childhood days again!'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sanjay Kapoor/Instagram.

Sanjay Kapoor shares the cutest throwback of Boney Kapoor, Aditya Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Tutu Sharma and Anil Kapoor and gives it the perfect caption, 'Doing a coke ad.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Neha Kakkar/Instagram.

Neha Kakkar shares a childhood picture and writes, 'Jis bhi haal mein the, Mumma Papa ne Humein Humesha Khush Rakha Lucky to have the Best Parents in the world!! Love You Maa Papa.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Kavita Kaushik/Instagram.

Kavita Kaushik posts her childhood picture as well.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Lakshmi Manchu/Instagram.

Lakshmi Manchu posts a picture of her daughter Vidya Nirvana and writes, 'Every kid deserves to be recklessly creative and unapologetically enthusiastic. Today I'm lucky to be reliving life through my child. Such wonderful memories need to be cherished. Happy Children's day!!!'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Maria Goretti/Instagram.

Maria Goretti posts a picture of her children, Zeke and Zene and writes, 'Today on Children's Day:
I want to thank my ZZ's for making me "Super-woman"
I now have super-powers , I never thought I would ..
I can hear them, when they pretend to sleep but are on their phones,late at night , when they are stealing away my chargers and when they eat chips under a blanket on my bed.
I can see through all their naughty bluffs and when they are in pain, though acting cool about it.
I can smell trouble, before they even start asking me stuff.
I can taste Nutella sandwiches being devoured, in the corner of my home, butter sizzling with cheese and popcorn getting ready for a marathon TV watching session.
Sometimes I would like a day to end without drama, but I can't imagine life without the many acts and rapidly changing scenes.
But my skin feels alive with love, knowing these two will always stay a part of my insides , regardless of anything ..
I don't think I would be who I am today ,"crazy about two beings , who I love to smithereens and stark raving mad" , if it was not for my Zeke and Zene
So happy Children's day my monkey's , always stay childlike.
And a lot of love to my other little and not so little ones Vivaan, Sairah, Kabir, Gia, Arsalan, Ayatal, Ayesha, Tara, Alina, Alisha, Kavya, Dhruv, Rasha, Kohe, Saina, Shaurya , Seher, Suhani and Shlok.
As for all of us, keep that kid inside you naughty and alive , it's more fun that way.
P.S. This was our favourite "Power Rangers" pose.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Tanazz Irani/Instagram.

Tanazz Irani posts pictures of her kids children Zianne, Zeus and Zara and writes, 'Happy Children's Day my darlings Zianne, Zeus and Zara! You'll are the toothbrushes for my soul! Each one of you is so unique and so different from each other, but the cord that holds you all together is that of Empathy and car for the family members. You truly teach me to be a better human being ever single day.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Shruti Seth/Instagram.

Shruti Seth posts a picture of her daughter Alina and writes, 'Happy Children's Day everyone! Wishing all the kids the best days ahead. May you all have glorious lives. And for the adults I hope your inner child stays alive, hopeful, naughty and fun. Thank you Alina for infusing our lives with magic every single day.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Neeraj Madhav/Instagram.

The Family Man's Moosa -- Neeraj Madhav -- posts his childhood picture and writes, 'Always had the swag Happy children's day to all! Been practicing the Oscar speech since then.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Siddhant Chaturvedi/Instagram.

Gully Boy's Siddhant Chaturvedi shares a childhood picture and captions it, 'Bachpan se Bechaini thi ki Jeetun har baazi main!'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Barkha Sengupta/Instagram.

Barkha Sengupta, who is travelling in Ladhak, shares a picture of her daughter Meira and writes, 'This wasn't an easy trip for her ... the cold, low oxygen levels, long drives through endless mountain roads..... but she braved it all and we're so proud of her!'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Shakti Mohan/Instagram.

Shakti Mohan posts a throwback picture with her sisters, Mukti and Neeti.

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