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Birthday Special: 10 style tips from Madhuri Dixit

May 15, 2019 11:28 IST

At the peak of her career, Madhuri Dixit pulled off the most outlandish costumes beautifully.

So irresistible was her charisma that audiences didn’t care what she wore as long as they could catch a glimpse of her million-dollar smile and electrifying talent.  

In comparison, her personal style has always been simple and safe.

Except Bollywood takes celebrity fashion very seriously nowadays and Madhuri’s sartorial game has upped notably.   

On her 52nd birthday, Sukanya Verma serves you 10 style tips from the Dhak Dhak star.


There’s a thin line between make-up and made-up. DIY and you’ll seldom falter. 


But a pop of red is ALWAYS welcome on THOSE lips.


Smile. Smile. Smile. No designer or diamond comes close.


Why blush in pink when you can be boss?


There’s nothing like too much stripes if you decide to go easy on the accessories. 


Jazz up a look with a pair of gorgeous statement earrings. They’re named so for a purpose, remember?


Animal print or sequins, the key to make an OTT skirt work is balance. A black shirt and open toe stilettoes do just that.


The world can never have enough of pretty women and pretty lehengas.


From wow to va va voom, a soft, wavy perm is the quickest way to glam things up.  


In the star’s words, 'can never go wrong in an elegant sari.' We concur.  

Photographs: Kind courtesy Madhuri Dixit/ Instagram