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'Because of Bigg Boss, people know I exist'

November 25, 2020 10:55 IST
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'Salman sir said he wants to see me as a big singer before Bigg Boss ends.'
'If you have Salman sir's hand on your head, you don't need to look back.'


Jaan Kumar Sanu is the latest contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss 14.

The singer started as the underdog, but he went from strength to strength, thanks to his friendship with Nikki Tamboli.

He landed in controversy after he asked Nikki to stop speaking in Marathi, provoking the Shiv Sena. Janu apologised soon enough.

Janu looks back at his stay in the house and tells Senior Contributor Rajul Hegde, "It's one of the best things I have done in my life."

You had an emotional journey in Bigg Boss.

Yes. But it was beautiful and fun.

I have been a fan of Bigg Boss for the longest time.

There were ups and downs, but I have learnt a lot of things from this show.

I made some genuine friends while few turned out to be fake.

It's one of the best things I have done in my life.

I am happy and surprised with the way I have conducted myself on the show.

I think I made my family and friends proud.

I am grateful to Bigg Boss.

Because of this show, people know I exist.

You were often blamed for getting influenced by other housemates.

I was the soft target in the first few weeks.

I was given gyan that I did not ask for.

I was innocent and believed that I had to adjust and co-exist with everyone in the house.

Every contestant, who enters the house, feels they will get brownie points only if they fight and add to the drama.

I can't keep fighting with people to get noticed.

I am glad I connected with viewers and got so many good messages on social media.


Your father Kumar Sanu questioned your upbringing after you landed in the Marathi language controversy.

I saw that video and felt really bad.

He was not there for me for 27 years and I don't think it was right on his part to do so.

My mom has brought me up well.

Salman (Khan) sir himself said that I am a well brought up kid and the housemates appreciated me and my upbringing.

Nobody asked my dad to comment. but he came up with an assaulting video that raised questions on my upbringing.

I will talk to him about this, and know his perspective.

You bonded with Nikki Tamboli ,but soon your friendship was questioned when she felt you kissed her without her consent.

I considered Nikki a very good friend.

I really believed we were becoming thick friends, but she portrayed our friendship in this way.

It was very cheap and dirty.

She did it for publicity.

Salman sir did not pay attention to it either because we knew the real story.

I really felt sad because she stooped to such a level and I don't need such a friendship.

I have always believed in valuing friendships. Unfortunately, it was not reciprocated.

I don't think I will stay in touch with her after the show.

The image of a girl can be tarnished easily, so I was trying to maintain some decency but she kept saying cheap stuff about me.

There was a limit to my tolerance.

I told Aly Goni that she has been kissing me after she accused me of kissing her.

She made it look like she is an innocent girl.

It was wrong on her part to do so, so I lashed out at her.

You had a tiff with Eijaz Khan too.

I am certainly going to meet Eijazbhai after the show.

We had fights, but we hugged it out like brothers.

He is the one person I would like to meet outside the house apart from Pavitra Punia and Shardul Pandit.

I am rooting for Eijaz. His biggest weapon on the show is confusion.

Pavitra is playing a shrewd game and making the right connections at the right time and she also knows when to discard them.

I would be happy if one of them lifts the Bigg Boss trophy.

Rahul Vaidya played the nepotism card on you, and it started trending on social media. But it didn't bother you.

It was really silly of Rahul to say that.

If I was a product of nepotism, I would have sung for at least 20 films and had all the fame and luxuries in life. But that has not been the case.

I have not been supported by my father in any aspect of my life.

I gave the right amount of attention it deserved, nothing more.

Salman sir stood up for me, and explained it so well that not only Rahul, but the entire country understands that I am not a product of nepotism.

Who is fake in the house?

Rubina. I have seen a different side of her during the tasks.

I feel she tries to hide that in the house but it comes out during the tasks.

She is a very sweet and well-mannered person.

The second person is Jasmin. Her game changed completely after her good friend Aly's entry into the house.

How will& em>Bigg Boss help your career?

I came to this show because it's one of the biggest reality shows in the country and has a huge fan following.

I have earned people's love, more than I expected, so I will always be grateful to Bigg Boss.

Salman sir said that he wants to see me as a big singer before Bigg Boss ends.

He asked me to meet him outside the house.

If he thinks I am talented, it can't get better than this.

If you have Salman sir's hand on your head, you don't need to look back. 

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