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Bigg Boss 16: Why Does Archana Love Pangas?

November 10, 2022 15:27 IST
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Archana Gautam is a strong contestant on Bigg Boss 16, but she is slowly losing the plot.

She loves taking pangas, but the problem is: She isn't always right!

Will her aggressive behaviour backfire?

Namrata Thakker gives us the lowdown from the house.


Archana loses her calm over Sajid Khan's remark

Sajid Khan and Gori Nagori have been at loggerheads for the past few weeks and in Wednesday's episode, he attacks her once again.

When she defends herself, he raises his voice and says something to Gori about being a dancer.

Archana catches the word 'dancer' and fires Sajid for saying it in a demeaning manner.

She tells him to respect Gori's profession as an artist and not consider it inferior.

Shiv Thakare jumps in to defend Sajid, making Archana angrier.

When the situation turns intense, Soundarya drags Archana away.

Later, Archana is called to the confession room and reprimanded for taking the word 'dancer' out of context.


Time to Rate Abdu's Captaincy

Bigg Boss asks everyone to rate Abdu Roziq's captaincy.

Archana rates him the lowest at 6 out of 10, as she feels he was biased towards his friends as a captain and also broke the rules by sleeping in the day.

Shiv, Sajid, Shalin Bhanot, MC Stan and Tina Datta give him a perfect 10.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary rates him 7, and says he was unfair in giving more duties to others and not his friends.


New task begins

Since most of the housemates are happy with Abdu's captaincy, he's given a chance to be the captain for another week.

But he will need to win the new task for that.

A gold mine is set up in the garden area. Every time the buzzer rings, two contestants have to collect the gold in a bag.

They have to then stack the bag on a rack which says 'Abdu for Captain' or on the rack that says 'Change the Captain.'

Priyanka is the sanchalak.

In the first round Priyanka, Tina and Soundarya have to collect the gold.

Archana gets aggressive once again and wonders why they are fighting for Abdu's captaincy when they should be fighting to become captain themselves.

In the second round, Archana and Nimrit perform the task and manage to collect two bags of gold respectively.

Archana continues her rant, annoying both Tina and Nimrit.


My Take

Archana is going overboard with her drama, and it won't be long before it hurts her game.

She was entertaining at first and it would be good for her to get that back.

Sajid is coming across as a misogynist every time he fights with Gori. He needs to leave her alone.

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