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Bigg Boss 16: Shalin's Chicken Drama!

November 04, 2022 12:35 IST
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Shalin Bhanot is currently the most annoying contestant on Bigg Boss 16, thanks to his obsession with chicken.

Namrata Thakker gives us the details.

Bigg Boss scolds Shalin

Shalin complains about chicken not being sent for him.

Sajid Khan says he can eat the chicken that has been kept in the kitchen but Shalin keeps asking Bigg Boss to send his chicken ration separately.

Even Tina Datta reminds Bigg Boss about it.

Eventually, at night, Shalin is called into the confession room.

Bigg Boss explains to Shalin that extra chicken was being sent earlier, but now, he has to use the ration given to all the housemates.

Shalin gets hyper and claims he needs to eat chicken every day for medical reasons.

He goes on and on about it, but Bigg Boss sticks to its ground.

Archana Gautam, meanwhile, is irritated by Shalin's chicken drama and promises to nominate him next time.


Gautam, Shalin face-off

Gautam Vig and Shalin Bhanot's friendship is definitely over, but its still hard to figure whether their fights are real or just for the cameras.

After Bigg Boss announces the new captaincy task, Gautam and Shalin get into a ugly fight.

Shalin approaches Gautam as he wants Tina to become the next captain and needs Gautam's support.

But Gautam is in no mood to talk about it.

Shalin starts abusing and it leads to a fight.

Tina and the others intervene, but Gautam loses his cool and starts shouting.

He says this is the real Shalin.


Captaincy task begins

Former captains Shiv Thakare, Nimrit, Gautam and Archana have the power to choose the next captain.

Shalin isn't allowed to participate as he's being punished by Bigg Boss.

Gautam has to choose two people he wants to oust from the captaincy race, so he picks Sajid Khan and Tina Datta.

Tina gets upset.


Will Abdu be the next captain?

Though Shiv and Nimrit want Abdu to become the next captain, Sajid is apprehensive as he feels the decision may backfire as everyone already thinks they manipulate Abdu.

Shiv is the last one to get his say and the three remaining contenders are Stan, Abdu and Sumbul.

Will Shiv let Abdu become the captain?

Or will he change his mind?


My Take

More than Gautam, it's Shalin who seems to be picking fights for more screen time. And he is as fake as one can be!

Now that Gautam is no longer friends with Shalin, Tina and Nimrit, his game is looking better.

If Abdu becomes captain, it would be interesting to see whether he takes his own decisions or relies on Shiv and Nimrit's game plan.

Tina and Nimrit, who weren't getting along initially, have now become good friends. But the question is: How long will this dosti last?

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