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Bigg Boss 16: Is Sumbul OBSESSED with Shalin? VOTE!!

November 18, 2022 12:05 IST
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The Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer Khan 'love triangle' is back!

While Sumbul has made it clear that she and Shalin are best friends, Tina feels she's obsessed with Bhanot.

Namrata Thakker gives us a recap.


Tina questions Sumbul's obsession

Shalin gets concerned when Tina accidentally hurts her ankle. Shalin runs to help and so does MC Stan and Gautam Vig.

Stan gets angry seeing Shalin's fake concern and abuses him.

Shalin is shocked and retaliates. The situation turns ugly as they continuously abuse each other.

Things get out of control when Stan tries to hit Shalin.

They get entangled in a physical scuffle.

Eventually, Sumbul drags Shalin away.

Sumbul gets hyper after the fight, and doesn't want Shalin to leave the room.

She makes it clear to everyone that nothing should happen to him. Tina asks her to calm down, but Sumbul gets even more hyper.

Tina walks off saying that Shalin and Sumbul can take care of the situation, as she's not needed.

Shalin tries to stop Tina while Sumbul tries to stop Shalin!

It's like watching a Bollywood movie!

Is Sumbul obsessed with Shalin? VOTE!


Favourite Contestants vs Non-Favourites

A new task is announced where Captain Sajid Khan's favourite contestants are pitted against the non-favourites.

The non-favourite contestants have to complete certain tasks throughout the day. In the first round, they have to make Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia change her clothes twice.

Everyone decides that Archana will accidentally spill coffee on Nimrit, compelling her to change her outfit and later, Soundarya will throw water on her.

Despite strategising, the non-favourites fail to complete the task as Tina and Sumbul secretly help Sajid's team.

The non-favourites end up losing the task.

Shiv, Stan, Sajid and Nimrit lose trust with Shalin as he tries to play from both sides.


Archana breaks down

When Archana refuses to do her duty and continues sleeping, Sajid gets miffed and asks Shiv to take action.

Shiv warns Archana about the consequences but she doesn't care. As a result, the housemates gang up against her once again.

Shiv and Nimrit take away her luggage and make-up. They throw her stuff around the house.

Archana is unaffected at first but has a breakdown in the evening when she sees her things scattered on the floor.

She tells Soundarya her expensive designer outfits could have been ruined.


My Take

While Tina and Shalin's relationship doesn't seem genuine, she's right about Sumbul being obsessed with Shalin.

The 19 year old needs to stop being so dramatic about everything that concerns Shalin. It's so cringy!

MC Stan's language is so crass that it's shocking that no one in the house has pulled him up for it.

Abdu Roziq has become invisible.

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