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Bigg Boss16: 'If love happens, why not?'

October 13, 2022 14:49 IST
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'I am not going inside thinking I will have a swayamvar/'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Tina Datta/Instagram

Uttaran actor Tina Datta is 'nervous but excited' about being a part of Bigg Boss 16/ Senior Contributor Rajul Hegde caught up with Tina for a quick chat before she entered the house.


"The fear of the show is what made me accept the offer," Tina says.

"I have realised that Bigg Boss loves me way too much and so finally gave me a nod to do the show. Bigg Boss is not just about the unfiltered side, but also about the situations. And we have no idea what the audience is saying regarding our stance."

"I am nervous, but excited at the same time. I believe I am a survivor and will take up this show as a challenge."

How did her family react to her decision?

"I am not kidding, there were melodrama at my house when I was about to leave for the show. My mom was teary and said previously, the distance was between Kolkata to Mumbai and they used to manage with video calls. But in the case of Bigg Boss, everything is controlled. I calmed her saying they will be able to see me every day on television. But it will be hard for me to stay away from them without checking on them."

"Completely cut off from my family, my dogs, my friends and my phone will drive me nuts! But the lockdown has made me mentally and physically stronger because we have started doing our household chores and taking care of ourselves without any help. And my parents know I am a fighter."

Photograph: Kind courtesy Tina Datta/Instagram

Does she make friends easily?

"I am an introvert. I take time to open up, but I am a loyal friend," Tina answers.

Tina believes she is "generally a calm person".

"How I react will depend on the situation. We have to play our game calmly and not lose our sanity. After a point, you become homesick and cranky, but do we have a choice? No. Once you have signed the contract, there is no looking back," she adds with a laugh.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Tina Datta/Instagram

Bigg Boss is not just about controversies and fights, it's also about fashion.

"I love to dress up," Tina says.

"I am carrying a lot of clothes. This is the reality show where you should be your real self, so the majority of clothes will be from my personal collection. I want the audience to relate to the real Tina. I don't want to wear clothes that I don't wear in my day-to-day life. I feel people connect when you are yourself."

"The moment my date for the show was blocked, I told my stylists to have a look at my clothes in the wardrobe."

Does she expect to find love in the house?

"I can't say that I will not get attracted to anyone but I am not going inside thinking I will have a swayamvar."

"If love happens, why not? But my primary focus will be on the game and the trophy."

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