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Bigg Boss 15: Salman Scolds Shamita

December 06, 2021 15:13 IST

Salman blasts Shamita for her language. He says she shouldn't talk to anyone if she thinks she's superior to everyone in the house.

Weekend Ka Vaar begins with Salman Khan playing a fun game with the contestants.

He asks them 'Who has akal (intelligence)?' and 'Who has akad (arrogance)?' between Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal.

Karan gets the most votes for akal whereas Pratik gets for akad.

Salman then pulls up Karan and asks where was his intelligence when he got physical with Pratik during the immunity task.

Salman gives him an earful and states if he doesn't control his aggression, he will face consequences the third time around.

The host also reprimands Umar Riaz for being too aggressive while doing tasks.

Shamita Shetty tells Salman that the VIPs are to be blamed for the aggression shown in the last task.

Khan doesn't agree and states that everyone is responsible for their own actions.

Rapper Raaftaar and Surbhi Jyoti arrive on stage to dance with Salman and later play a game with the contestants.

Salman then welcomes Raveena Tandon and the two indulge in some friendly banter.

Raveena plays a prank on Rakhi Sawant's husband Ritesh and it's hilarious.

The housemates are given a dance task and they enjoy it.

After all the fun and masti, the situation turns intense as Abhijeet passes a unpleasant comment about Shamita.

She loses her cool and attacks him.

Rashami Desai and Pratik Sehajpal join in. Shamita hurls abuses at Abhijeet and the latter retaliates as well.


Salman intervenes and shouts at the contestants for their using abusive language, especially Ms Shetty.

Raveena cools down the situation before exiting the stage.

Salman then invites Sara Ali Khan and the two shake a leg together.

Sara and Salman indulge in some shayari and entertain everyone. Sara enters the house and interacts with the housemates. She gives them fun tasks to perform and lightens the mood.

Rakhi and Tejasswi Prakash get into a lavani battle and show off their moves. Rakhi impresses everyone and wins the task.

Once Sara leaves the house, Salman gets back to Abhijeet and Shamita's fight.

He scolds the housemates for behaving rudely in front of the guests.

Salman then asks Tejasswi about Shamita and Devoleena Bhattacharjee's fight and the television hottie states that Shamita used abusive language.

Shamita gets offended and starts questioning Tejasswi for accusing her.

Salman blasts Shamita for her language. He says she shouldn't talk to anyone if she thinks she's superior to everyone in the house.

Khan than moves onto to Abhijeet and taunts him for using a surname as a mudda for fighting with others.

Before making an exit, Salman announces that there is no elimination this week.