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Bigg Boss 15: New Couple in the House?

October 26, 2021 13:39 IST
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Karan Kundrra reveals he has a crush on Tejasswi Prakash and all is not well between Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal.

Monday's episode begins with Shamita Shetty losing her cool as someone ate her gluten-free dessert.

She tells Simba Nagpal not to use her food as it is lactose free.

Nishant Bhat discusses Vishal Kotian with Tejasswi Prakash and Jay Bhanushali and states that he can never trust him in the game.

At night, Karan Kundrra confesses to Akasa Singh that he has a crush on Tejasswi and finds her cute. Akasa tells him that even Tejasswi feels the same though she hasn't said it herself.

The next morning, the housemates are shocked when they find there's no food in the house. Even the fridge is empty.

Bigg Boss announces that the contestants have a chance to fill up their pantry.

Four giant pumpkins are kept in the garden area and the housemates have to empty them one-by-one and collect the ration that is stuffed inside it.

The housemates are surprised as the first wild card contestant, Rajiv Adatia, enters the house at the same time.

Shamita is excited to see her Rakhi brother and greets him with a big hug.


Rajiv, who is friends with Ieshaan, gives him the cold shoulder. Everyone in the house knows Rajiv except for Miesha and she asks Ieshaan about him.

Ieshaan explains that he's a close friend of his from London while Pratik Sehajpal reveals to Miesha that everyone in the industry knows him.

Rajiv pulls Shamita aside and has a talk with her about Vishal. He tells her not to trust Kotian as he is just using her for the game. Shamita is hurt and upset for blindly trusting Vishal.

In the afternoon, Rajiv talks to Ieshaan and fires him for not playing the game well and instead just focusing on Miesha.

Ieshaan says he genuinely feels for her but Rajiv tells him to not lose his focus and think about winning the show.

The wild card entrant also warns Ieshaan to draw the line and not get into too much PDA with Miesha on national television.

In the evening, Bigg Boss asks everyone to gather in the living area as it's time for the nominations.

Most of the housemates nominate Vishal, Simba Nagpal and Akasa Singh, and they end up in the danger zone.

Ieshaan tells Miesha what Rajiv had said. They get into an argument and Miesha walks off, crying.

On the other hand, Karan and Tejasswi talk about what kind of partners they would like to have in their lives.

While these two seem to getting close to each other, Miesha and Ieshaan's relationship seems to be falling apart.

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