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Bigg Boss 14: Will Rakhi divorce her husband?

February 18, 2021 11:26 IST
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Rakhi reveals that her marriage is a 'jhol.'

Wednesday's episode resumes with Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla's dinner date.

The duo enjoy each other's company despite the fact that there is a glass wall between them.

Inside the house, Rakhi Sawant misses her husband, but is happy for Rubina and Abhinav.

The next morning, Rahul Vaidya sings a song he wrote for Rubina and everyone is impressed with his talent.

Soon Bigg Boss calls Aly Goni in the activity area and asks him to reveal a last wish which he wants to fulfill before the grand finale.

Aly says he wants to talk with his mother and also see his newborn niece.

The rest of the contestants are also called one by one.

While Rahul says he wants to go on a date with his girlfriend Disha Parmar, Nikki Tamboli expresses her desire to meet her pet dogs.

Rubina says she wants to perform a pahadi dance with host Salman Khan while Rakhi wants to eat pizza.

After revealing their wishes, the housemates chill together in the dinning area and discuss the big fights and incidents that happened in the house.

In the evening, the contestants get ready for the cave task.

In order to get their wishes fulfilled, the housemates will have to convince each other to make a sacrifice.

But before that, they have to secure a seat for themselves in the cave as it only has three chairs.

Nikki, Rahul and Aly manage to grab the chairs first.

The buzzer goes off and Nikki has to convince Rahul to destroy Disha's dupatta if she wants her wish to be fulfilled.

She tries, but Rahul apologises to her and turns down her request.

Eventually, Nikki leaves her chair and Rakhi takes the seat.

The second buzzer goes off and Bigg Boss sends a letter for Rubina.

If she wants to secure a place in the cave, she will have to agree to remove Rs 10 lakh from the winning amount.

Rubina refuses and stays out of the cave.

Later, Rakhi gives up her seat and asks Rubina to take it as she wants to go to the washroom.

The Shakti actress finally gets a seat in the cave.

Next, a letter for Aly arrives.

If he wants his wish to get fulfilled, he has to agree that he would give up the Bigg Boss trophy and the winning amount if makes it to the top two.

Aly refuses and he has to leave his chair.

Both Nikki and Rakhi start arguing as they want to take Aly’s seat.

After a lot of discussion, Nikki manages to get the seat.


The buzzer rings, and a letter arrives for Rakhi.

If she wants a seat in the cave, Rakhi has to destroy her Christmas letter which was sent by her husband Ritesh.

After talking with the housemates, Rakhi reveals that her marriage is a 'jhol' and she will break it off once she is outside.

With that, she destroys her Christmas letter and takes away Nikki's seat.

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