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Bigg Boss 14: Why did Rahul want to use knives?

October 29, 2020 10:59 IST

Jasmin reveals that Rahul's intentions have never been good.

The episode resumes with Jasmin Bhasin fighting with Rahul Vaidya for threatening to hurt her during the captaincy task.

Initially, everyone supports her, but Naina Singh and Kavita Kaushik later try to make Jasmin understand that Rahul was just playing the game and he never intended to hurt anyone.

Threatening her was just his strategy and it worked.

But Jasmin isn't ready to listen anything and continues to accuse Rahul.

When Jasmin calms down, Shardul tells her that she should take a stand but on important things.

That's when Jasmin reveals that Rahul's intentions have never been good as he had even planned to use knives during an earlier task but didn't as Gauahar Khan didn't agree with his strategy.

Abhinav Shukla, Naina and Shardul are shocked hearing this and confront Rahul.

He admits about having thought of that idea, but says he did not execute it. Instead, he had hidden the knives so that no one else could use it either.

After a lot of drama, the task begins again and this time, Nikki Tamboli targets Nishant Malkhani.

Nishant tries to convince her why he should be a captain but the actress isn't impressed.

Ultimately, she takes away his bag and Nishant is out of the captaincy race.

Pavitra Punia, on the other hand, tells her friend Shardul that he shouldn't become a captain this week as he has just arrived in the house. She says there are other contestants more deserving than him as they have stayed and survived in the house longer.

The day ends with Rahul becoming emotional after the fights with the housemates during the task.

Nikki consoles him and says that he hasn't done anything wrong so he shouldn't be afraid.

The next morning, Nikki teases Eijaz with Pavitra, but the actor says there is nothing brewing between them.

Pavitra expresses her feelings for Eijaz to Jaan Kumar Sanu and they talk about their love-hate equation.

Soon, everyone starts strategising again.

Jaan tells Nishant that he would take away Eijaz's bag as he wants to save Pavitra and Nikki.

Pavitra gets upset when Jaan says that he wants to save himself and go back to the Green Zone and hence, will do the task accordingly.

Pavitra tells Eijaz to save Jaan instead of her if he gets a chance.

Soon, the World Tour task begins and everyone takes their position in the garden area.

Rahul talks to Abhinav, but doesn't take his bag away.

He then targets Rubina and and though they talk, they don't agree with each other's views. Finally, Rahul takes her bag away.

Jaan targets Eijaz as discussed with Nishant. But he doesn't follow through with the plan and lets Eijaz stay in the competition.

After the first round for the day is over, the Green Zone contestants discuss a new strategy as Jaan failed them.

In-between all this, Nikki decides to take away Abhinav's bag when no one is in the garden area.

When Naina learns about it, she asks Nikki to give back the bag.

Nikki refuses, saying she'll do it only when Bigg Boss tells her.

Abhinav points out that it is against the rules to take the bag away, but she doesn't pay heed.

When Bigg Boss intervenes, Nikki returns the bag.

Then, the buzzer goes off and the task resumes.

Rahul and Pavitra decide to take away Abhinav's bag, using all their might and power. They succeed, as Abhinav falls from his cycle and lets them snatch his bag.

Seeing this, Rubina gets angry and yells at Pavitra and Rahul for trying to hurt her husband.

Pavitra shouts back and says that she is just doing the task. She starts yelling and asks everyone to stop judging her.