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Bigg Boss 14: Who's the Jewel Thief?

October 07, 2020 11:16 IST
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While Abhinav Shukla earns immunity from the nominations this week, the rest are still in the danger zone.

Day 3 at Bigg Boss 14 starts off with the contestants chilling in the kitchen area and indulging in friendly banter while having lunch.

Pavitra Punia, Jasmin Bhasin and Sara Gurpal discuss Nikki Tamboli.

While Jasmin feels Nikki is immature as she’s still young, Pavitra feels no one is naive in Bigg Boss.


In the bedroom area, Eijaz complains to Gauahar Khan that he cannot wash the dishes the entire day and asks her to change his kitchen duties.

When Gauahar tries to help Eijaz, Hina Khan and Sidharth Shukla discuss her and how she should just let the contestants solve their problems on their own and let them be.

A little later, Sid and Hina have a word with Gauahar. They ask her not to spoon feed the housemates. Gauahar strongly puts across her point and tells Sid to not bring up this topic again and again.

Pavitra tells Rahul that he should take up some kitchen duties as he hardly has anything to do expect for cleaning the washroom area.

Their conversation turns flirty as Rahul tells Pavitra that he is ready to learn cooking if she'll teach him.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss announces that it’s time for the nominations. With a twist.

All the housemates are already nominated this week but they are given a chance to save themselves from the danger zone. A task called Jewel Thief will earn them immunity from the nominations.

The contestants are divided into two groups.

The boys have to impress the princesses, Hina and Gauahar, and try to collect as much jewellery as possible from them.

The girls are asked to be the thieves and Sid is their group leader.

The housemate that manages to collect the most number of jewellery items by the end of the task will be declared the winner.

The buzzer goes off while Gauahar and Hina are still reading the rules of the task.

But Sidharth doesn't care and asks the girls to start robbing the jewellery.

Gauahar and Hina try to stop them and reveal that the girls cannot rob the jewels unless the princesses sit on their thrones. That’s when the task will start.

Sid argues with them but soon Bigg Boss intervenes and asks the girls to give back the jewellery.

When the task finally starts, anyone hardly follows the rules and this upsets Gauahar. She and Sid get into a heated argument. The fun immunity task turns chaotic as everyone starts fighting over the rules of the game.

Hina, on the other hand, decides to enjoy the fights and takes her throne.

Abhinav Shukla also stays away from all the drama and instead, starts impressing Hina.

Eijaz loses his calm and confronts Sid about playing the game according to the rules.

Since Abhinav managed to collect the most number of jewellery items, Eijaz tells all the boys that they should give away their jewels to Abhinav so at least he can get the immunity. All the boys are on board, except Rahul Vaidya.

He says he won't give the jewellery to anyone as the task wasn't played fairly by either group.

Despite all the chaos and fights, Abhinav wins immunity in the end.


Later at night, Jasmin cries as she is unable to wash her clothes properly.

Abhinav, Rubina and Sara talk to her and are in splits after hearing her story.

They tell her to chill but continue to laugh as she narrates her entire saga.

It's absolutely hilarious after a whole day of fighting and yelling.

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