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Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi has an outdoor bath!

January 28, 2021 12:22 IST

Rakhi Sawant finds a new technique to make sure the camera stays on her.

Devoleena's entry on Bigg Boss 14 has changed the dynamics in the house.

Her ongoing feud with Nikki shows that she's not about to take nonsense from anyone.

She prefers to put her point across fiercely, and without mincing words.

So a snide remark from Nikki gets Devoleena agitated, leading to a big fight.

Not only does Devoleena question Nikki about taking indirect shots at her, she also claims that Nikki is jealous of her bond with Vikas.

The two have a major showdown as Vikas joins in and takes Devoleena's side.

He probably does this because earlier in the day, when he asked Nikki to pick up her fruit plate from the kitchen, she asked him to watch his tone.

While this drama plays out, Rakhi finds a new technique to make sure the camera stays on her.

With Bigg Boss locking the bathroom area, Rakhi takes an outdoor bath near the swimming pool!

She carried a bucket of water to the pool, and then shivers as the cold water is poured on to her.

Rahul and Aly help her, with the former shampooing her hair and the latter conditioning it.

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