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Bigg Boss 14: It's Rahul versus Rubina!

November 18, 2020 12:23 IST
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The mood in the house turns intense as housemates fight in the new captaincy task!

Tuesday's episode begins with Abhinav Shukla and Jasmin Bhasin discussing Kavita Kaushik.

Soon Jasmin finds herself in an argument with the FIR actress over kitchen rules.

Aly Goni joins in to support his bestie, but Kavita doesn't back away.

Eijaz Khan also jumps in.

Kavita and Eijaz get into a spat once again, and it soon turns ugly.

When Eijaz tries to come too close to Kavita, she pushes him away.

She says Eijaz will go crazy if he doesn't win the show.

Abhinav and Aly try to stop them from getting physical or hurting each other. <

Nikki Tamboli also tries to pacify Kavita while extending her support.


After the fight, Kavita talks to Nikki and Abhinav.

She feels no one gives her a chance to explain her side of the story.

She also has a candid chat with Rubina Dilaik.

Kavita is upset that even Salman Khan is not interested in listening to her.

Pavitra Punia asks Kavita to leave the show if she is so unhappy.


A little later, Bigg Boss announces that Kavita pushed Eijaz not to hurt him intentionally but to maintain distance with him during the fight.

Aly gets a choice to remove either of the contestants or warn them for their actions.

As captain, Aly decides to remove Kavita from the upcoming captaincy task rather than just give her a warning.

Kavita is upset and continues her fight with Eijaz.

She asks him to stop playing the victim card every time.


After all the drama, it's time for the contestants to get ready for the new captaincy task, Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani.

Rubina is asked to be the queen and Rahul Vaidya is the king.

The other housemates are the workers and they have to make hearts for the king and queen.

If the workers make a lot of red hearts, Rubina will win the captaincy.

If the workers make maximum number of black hearts, Rahul will be the new captain.

The king and queen have to lure the workers by paying them handsomely.

Everyone starts planning and plotting for the task.

While Pavitra openly declares that she is supporting Rubina, Aly asks Jaan to join him and help Rahul win.

Jasmin says she isn't going to let her friendship come in between the task.

Once the task starts, everyone is enthusiastic, but soon, it turns violent.

Aly, Eijaz and Kavita leave no stone unturned to destroy the hearts while supporting their respective candidates.

Rubina and Rahul get into a nasty fight.

The television actress loses her cool when Rahul makes fun of Abhinav and calls him her 'sasta vakil'. She asks Rahul to not pass unsavoury comments about her husband.

After the first round, it's time for Rahul and Rubina to count the hearts.

It ends in a tie as they have equal hearts.

Soon, the second rounds begin.

Abhinav and Rahul continue to fight.

Nikki, who is supporting Rahul, says everything is fair in the task as she destroys red hearts along with Jaan and Jasmin.

Will Rubina lose the captaincy task? Will Rahul be the new captain?

Let's wait and watch.

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