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Bigg Boss 14: Is Rahul a quitter? YES, says Salman!

December 28, 2020 12:09 IST

The superstar scolds Rahul Vaidya for leaving the show midway.

Weekend Ka Vaar begins with Rahul Vaidya planning to team up with the original contestants of this season in order to throw out the challengers from the house.

Soon host Salman Khan arrives on stage.

Rubina Dilaik takes over with her radio show and we get to see her fun and witty side. She takes sarcastic jibes at the housemates and makes them dance to her tune.

Salman pulls Rakhi Sawant's leg while discussing her possessed act.


Arshi Khan and Aly Goni get into an argument after Salman brings up the captaincy task.

While the host praises Nikki for playing the game well, Khan points out to Rahul Vaidya and Aly that they failed to convince people in their favour and hence, Vaidya couldn't become the captain.

Contestants reveal why they were supporting either Rahul or Vikas Gupta for the captaincy.


The caller of the week asks Abhinav Shukla about his remarks regarding Rahul quitting the show.

This leads to a tense situation between Rahul and the host himself. Rahul requests Salman not to call him a quitter and Salman totally rejects his request.

The superstar scolds Vaidya for leaving the show midway and not taking responsibility and accepting the same.

The Indian Idol singer tries to explain his side of the story, but Khan is neither convinced nor interested.

Though Rahul is upset, Vikas cheers him up by giving him girlfriend Disha Parmar's gift.

Harsh Lambaachiya arrives in the house to entertain the contestants along with child artist Garvit Pareek. They poke fun at everyone and leave them in splits.

They also play a fun game with the contestants wherein everyone has to give tags to one another.

While doing so, Rubina and Jasmin Bhasin end up in a fight.


Sunday's episode kick starts with Raveena Tandon and Jacqueline Fernandez turning hosts for the show. They try to imitate Salman and then he joins them on stage.

Since itis Salman's 55th birthday, both actresses fondly talk about the Being Human superstar.

A cake arrives and everyone celebrates.

Everyone, except Eijaz Khan and Sonali Phogat, perform on his hit chartbusters.

Eijaz and Sonali ask Salman about not letting them perform for him, but the superstar doesn't have a convincing answer.

Ultimately, they do perform and Salman praises them, especially Sonali.

The housemates are given a new task and it is quite hilarious as they hold placards and shout sarcastic slogans for one another.

Soon Shehnaaz Gill and Dharmesh join Salman on stage.

They interact with the contestants and make them dance in teams.

Later, the housemates are asked to smash cake on the person they think is the least entertaining. Most of them target Nikki and Vikas.

Finally, it is time for eliminations.

Abhinav, Rahul Mahajan and Eijaz are in the danger zone, but no one is evicted because of the festive occasion.

At night, Vikas and Arshi are back to fighting with each other. The latter wakes up the former and that pisses him off.

When Arshi pretends to apologise, Vikas loses his cool and throws water on her.

Their fight turns nasty.

Eventually, the housemates intervene and try to stop them.