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Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan Ka Vaar

October 07, 2019 16:49 IST
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Day 5 inside the Bigg Boss house was all about fights, drama and revelations.

Koena Mitra, who seems to have impressed the audience with her demeanour, confesses about her previous relationship.

While chatting candidly with Dalljiet Kaur, Koena reveals that her ex was too possessive and aggressive, which suffocated her in the relationship.

She adds that after her bad experience, she did not feel like dating for three, four years.

Yet, the former actress stayed strong and even signed a foreign film. Though the film got stalled, Koena says that she is still hoping for the best.


Mahira Sharma and Shehnaaz Gill get into an argument because of Paras Chhabra.

It looks like this love-friendship triangle is going to get more intense with each passing day.

Siddhartha Dey, Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee also get into a flight which turns ugly as Dey comments on Rashami being out of work.

Later, Koena confronts Siddhartha in the dining area and stands up for Rashami and Devoleena.

Abu Malik asks Dey to be respectful towards the women in the house.

Before everyone heads to sleep, Bigg Boss asks the female contestants to give out a black ring to the male contestant they want to kick out of the house.

It’s like a nomination task and the female celebs get to take their revenge.

Abu Malik and Asim Riaz end up getting most number of black rings.


Day 6 starts with Salman Khan taking centrestage for the first Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

After indulging in some fun banter with the contestants, Khan gets to work.

He reprimands Mahira for not standing up for herself and nominating herself for the Queen position.

He tells Arti Singh to put forth her opinions and show her strong side.

Salman tells Rashami, Devoleena and Paras to buck up.

Khan applauds Shefali Bagga for taking a stand.

Before the episode ends, Salman sends Aarti, Rashami and Dey to a special room one-by-one and then questions them.

They get punished every time their answer does not match the other contestants'.

Khan announces that no one will be evicted in Week 1, and everyone is relieved.


On Day 7, Hina Khan joins Salman Khan on stage and makes the episode super interesting.

But before that, Khan plays a fun game with all the housemates wherein they are asked to bust misconceptions that their fellow contestants have about themselves.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, everyone vents out their anger and reveals what they actually think about each other.

Siddhartha Dey gets targeted by almost everyone, except Shehnaaz.

It's time for the Sultani Akhada.

Shukla and Dey are chosen for the task and the former ends up winning the first Sultani Akhada of this season.

Hina Khan enters the house as a guest and has something special in store for the contestants.

One by one, she meets everyone in the supermarket area of the house and tells them to either choose a food item or listen to a message from their loved ones.

While Devoleena and Paras choose food items, other celebs prefer to hear personal messages from their family and friends.

Rashami and Arti become emotional after hearing their respective messages but Hina calms them down and tells them to stay strong.

With no eviction this time and just three weeks to the finale, it’s pretty clear that Week 2 will have more drama, more fights and more controversies.

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