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Bigg Boss 12: 'I shouldn't have lost my cool'

December 11, 2018 13:53 IST

'The commoners made fun of our struggles and achievements.'
'They used the word 'celeb' like an abuse.'

IMAGE: The many moods of Megha Dhade in Bigg Boss 12. Photograph: Kind courtesy Megha Dhade/Instagram

Wild card entry Megha Dhade had to bid farewell to the 12th season of Bigg Boss, along with Jasleen Matharu in a double eviction during the weekend.

Megha, who won the Marathi Bigg Boss, was a tough contender on the show.

Her first competitor was Dipika Kakar as she tried to take over the kitchen duties. Later, they became good friends.

Rohit Suchanti and Deepak Thakur would not leave any opportunity to pick fights with Megha.

She was at loggerheads with Romil Chaudhary at first, but then, their equation changed for the better.

Megha tells Contributor Rajul Hedge, "I definitely liked the Marathi one better because it was more entertaining and the game was played in a more dignified way."

You got nominated after your ugly fight with Deepak Thakur. Do you regret it?

Yes. I shouldn't have lost my cool.

But how long can you take ill-treatment and mockery?

When someone talks badly about your character, you have to take a stand.

My reaction was aggressive, but Deepak led me to this.

Everyone commits mistakes in the house -- maybe mine was bigger than Deepak's and I got nominated and then, evicted from the show.

You were one of the toughest contestants and yet, you got evicted.

Actually, I saw myself in the finale.

I still cannot believe I got evicted.

I am astonished that someone as disobedient as Deepak is still in the show while I am out.

I don't know how I got lesser votes than him.

I was strong enough to survive till the end.

Maybe people want to watch the level to which Deepak and Rohit Suchanti can stoop.

I was having a good run in Bigg Boss.

On social media too, people believe that I deserve to be in the finale. That means I have created an impact.


IMAGE: The many moods of Megha Dhade in Bigg Boss 12. Photograph: Kind courtesy Megha Dhade/Instagram

How different was this show from its Marathi version?

The tasks in the Marathi Bigg Boss were more intense.

Also, people were not strangers to each other in that show and behaved well.

Here, I could not figure out their real nature even after staying with them for so many days.

The major game plan of the commoners is to irritate and instigate the celebrities and get a reaction.

They were not going to lose much, as compared to the celebrities, because they aren't known faces.

Which show is better?

I definitely liked the Marathi one better because it was more entertaining and the game was played in a dignified way.

Most of them were actors and everyone's talent was displayed on the show.

People knew each other and their struggles and had a lot of respect for each other's position and work.

Here, people were insulting each other.

The commoners made fun of our struggles and achievements. They used the word 'celeb' like an abuse.

In Marathi, while performing tasks, we would crack jokes and have fun, but here, the housemates were only interested in fighting, even during tasks.

I guess the fun was missing here.

IMAGE: The many moods of Megha Dhade in Bigg Boss 12. Photograph: Kind courtesy Megha Dhade/Instagram

What will you miss most?

I had formed a nice group in the Marathi Bigg Boss.

Whenever we had to perform tasks, we would first strategise and then execute them.

Here, I did not have a team to strategise with.

With a good team, we could have given the commoners a tough competition. But here, we played individually.

Sreesanth and Dipika were not interested in the tasks.

I had many strategies in my head, but didn't have a team to implement them.

So I missed my Marathi Bigg Boss team a lot.

Who is playing well?

Dipika is the best. She is a strong and composed person.

Sree is a good person too.

I will be happy if one of them wins.

You got along well only with Sreesanth and Dipika.

Yes. Once Dipika, Jasleen and I had gone to jail, Sree cooked food himself and brought it to us.

He sat the entire night, chatting with us. That was a sweet gesture.

The day before the eviction, he prepared food for us again and took care of us.

We were always there for each other.

If I lost my temper, Sree and Dipika would take care of me.

I will treasure these sweet moments.

Karanvir Bohra is a wonderful person, but he has lost the plot, as he is with the wrong people.

I would like to stay in touch with Karanvir, Sree, Jasleen, Dipika and Shivasish.

How different were the hosts in the two shows, Mahesh Manjrekar and Salman Khan?

Both of them are witty and spontaneous with a terrific sense of humour.

I didn't miss Mahesh Manjrekar because they are so similar in nature.

They are good friends and influenced by each other.

In the first few weeks, did you feel that Salman did not appreciate your hard work even though you had performed the tasks well?

Yes. I did the tasks well in the first week, but he didn't appreciate it.

I was wondering why, but later, he covered up for that.

I guess he missed out because there were too many things happening in the house during that time. He was busy sorting out things, and also lashing out at those who misbehaved.

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