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Bigg Boss 12: 'I am not a badtameez'

By Rajul Hegde
December 17, 2018 14:41 IST
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'While I was leaving, Sree told me I was one of the most genuine and nicest people he had ever met.'
'He said, "Virat Kohli and I were more aggressive than you at this age".'

Less than two months after he entered Bigg Boss 12, Rohit Suchanti was shown the door.

The youngest contestant on the show, the wild card entry knew the dynamics of each contestant, and he used that to his benefit.

Before he entered the show, he told us that Bigg Boss 12 was boring and that he would make it entertaining.

Rohit took a strong stand and had a major confrontation with S Sreesanth about his sexual orientation.

Although they apologiSed to each other later, their relationship did not improve.

Rohit found a close friend in Srishty Rode, even though others teased them.

After she got eliminated, he bonded with Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana.

"I must have made mistakes but I would like to take away only the positive things from the house," Rohit tells Contributor Rajul Hegde.

Did the eviction come as a shock?

Yes. Everyone expected Somi (Khan) to get eliminated, as she is weak.

But she's very comfortable in her group.

Deepak and Romil (Chaudhary) protect her every time there's a risk of nomination.

She has survived three, four weeks like this.

I expected to see myself in the top three, but I am glad that I survived till the 13th week. That's an achievement in itself.

I must have made mistakes, but I would like to take away only the positive things from the house.

You were called badtameez.

Not only me, almost everyone is a badtameez in the house.

All of them stoop to a level that cannot even be imagined.

I was called badtameez because of the groups in the house.

They named me so because of a few unpleasant incidents. I apologise for that and would like to say that I am not a badtameez.


You were accused of switching groups. Are fights a game plan for the contestants?

Dipika Kakar said from the beginning that she did not trust me.

I proved it right because I was playing a game and was not there to make friendships.

I made two friends in Surbhi and Srishty. The rest of them were friends with me only for their own self-interest.

Everyone is part of a particular group for strategy.

I entered as a wild card and lesser time to make an impact.

Had I made friends, I wouldn't have performed.

I had gone to Dipika and Sree to sort out the differences because this season, there were more fights and zero entertainment, like (host) Salmanbhai said. That's when people thought I was switching groups.

To answer your second question, it is definitely a game plan for many, as it gives them a lot of footage.

Dipika, Romil, Sree and I never fought for cameras.

During the tasks, the situation turns such that one has to stand for themselves. While doing that, you might end up fighting.

You were reprimanded by Salman Khan for using bad language against Sreesanth.

When Salmanbhai says so, it means I have done something wrong and it was a challenge to get better every day.

I was so happy when he said he could see a positive change in me. That's an accomplishment.

Dipika and Sree also accepted that my behaviour had improved after that episode.

Anyone can make mistakes, but one has to learn from it.

Plus, I was feeling guilty of degrading an older person (Sree); he's older by 10, 15 years.

I took the initiative to apologise to him.

Dipika and he accepted my apology and welcomed me with a hug.

What's your take on the two of them?

They are playing their own Bigg Boss inside.

Everybody is saying Dipika is visible on screen only because of Sree.

She doesn't see any fault in him and doesn't say anything against him.

It's high time she starts playing for herself.

Who, according to you, is playing a genuine game?

Surbhi is playing the best game and deserves to win.

Yes, sometimes there is no control over her language, but she's playing a clean game.

You got a lot of female attention inside the house, but you gave attention to only Srishty and Jasleen Matharu.

Srishty is one of the nicest people in the house.

She is exactly like me, jumping and dancing, so we connected instantly.

We are nothing more than friends.

With Jasleen, I was just doing timepass because there was nothing much to do in the house.

Surbhi loved me as a person, would explain what to do and what not to. She's like a sister, and supported me throughout.

How would you describe your relationship with Sreesanth?

Everything is sorted out.

Whatever happened was just in the house, there are no grudges against anyone.

While I was leaving, Sree told me I was one of the most genuine and nicest people he had ever met.

He said, 'Virat Kohli and I were more aggressive than you at this age.'

Who's the dirtiest player in the house?

Romil and Sree.

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