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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Movies » Bigg Boss 10's Priyanka Jagga: I know I don't have manners

Bigg Boss 10's Priyanka Jagga: I know I don't have manners

By Rajul Hegde
Last updated on: November 02, 2016 14:12 IST
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'Why would my husband leave a beautiful wife like me?' Priyanka Jagga asks Rajul Hegde.

Priyanka Jagga was the first contestant to be evicted from the 10th edition of reality show Bigg Boss. The Delhi girl had been the centre of attention in the first week and her eviction came as a surprise.


Swami Om, who was totally smitten by her, couldn't help but kiss Priyanka's poster in her absence.

A certain DJ Gautam Arora recently spewed venom on Priyanka, while claiming to be her boyfriend. In this interview with contributor Rajul Hegde, Priyanka rubbishes rumours about her separation from her husband and tells us who Gautam Arora is.

You were quite aggressive and tried to grab all the attention during your stay in the house.

That's why people stated calling me Dolly Bindra (former Bigg Boss contestant) but I am fine with that. I am happy to be compared to a known artist.

Do you realise where Dolly has reached today? But I did not expect people to call me that in just seven days of my stay in the house. 

People compared you to her because you were very loud. 

I have a strong voice and I was being provoked.

I know I don’t have manners but I was there for a reality show and playing my game well, unlike the celebrities. Jiski awaz buland hota hai woh Dolly Bindra, Priyanka Jagga aur Modi hota hai. Leadership hai hum mein (Those whose voices are loud and fearless are Dolly Bindra, Priyanka Jagga and Prime Minister Narendra Modi)

Wasn't it disgraceful to urinate on national television?

I didn’t want my team to become sevaks. Whatever I did was for the task and I had to win at any cost. I peed on national TV with my cloths on. In our country, people pee on the road. I don’t think it was wrong. 

You didn’t get along with the celebs in the show and made their life miserable.

They showed too much attitude.

I gave them such shocks that nobody would have even imagined.

I can’t raise my hand in the house but I made them fear my voice and my presence. Everybody knew I was a strong contender. Gaurav (Chopra) said nobody can go against Priyanka. During the task, he said he hates losing. I told him you don’t hate losing but you don’t want to win the task at the cost of your image. Dude, you can only blow kisses to the camera or kiss on the show but cannot do things for the task. What will your fans think about you?

All the commoners in the house loved me and cried when I left the house. I missed my husband and children the most. 

IMAGE: Priyanka Jagga with her son. Photograph: Priyanka Jagga/ Facebook.

How was your stay in the house?

The celebrities, who began as sevaks, were spoilsports. They were not playing the game or being themselves like the commoners. I guess they were worried about their image on national television. All of them act well, appear good on television shows but they don't have a good nature in real life.

For me, it was a big opportunity to be part of such a big reality show. There were lots of ups and down but I have stayed true in the house. 

How was your interaction with the show's host Salman Khan?

I love you Salman! I am big fan and will always be. I loved the moment when I was with him on stage. He entertained us and was good to all of us. 

Are you planning to become an actress?

If I really wanted to act, you would have seen me making the rounds in producers and directors' offices. I took part in the show because I am a strong contender.

That boy (DJ Gaurav Arora) claims that he got me through auditions. If he got me, why didn’t he himself give auditions? 

DJ Gautam Arora claimed that you have been estranged from your husband for more than three years and that he dated you for a few months. 

In the premiere episode, my kids said that I can’t cook and my husband cooks for everyone. Will a seven-year-old kid lie on national television? We celebrated my son’s birthday on October 3 and my husband was with us.

If I was separated, why wouldn’t I talk about it inside the house? And why would I post my husband's picture on Facebook? Would the audience not accept me if I was separated from my husband? 

Go on…

This guy doesn’t know me at all. He’s playing with fire; doesn’t know what he is getting into.

He is just doing it for publicity. He just has one group photograph with me and he’s forging that and showing it to the entire world. He will pay the price for my character assassination. I am filing a defamation case against him.  

Why would my husband leave a beautiful wife like me? Celebrities were terrified of me in the house. Don’t you think my husband will think 100 times before he leaves me! (laughs)

He also said that your profile of a marketing recruiter was fake and that you are an aspiring actress and have appeared in a music video.

If I was a celebrity, I would have entered the house as a celebrity, right? I did a music video for Sunny Singh, who is seen rapping the video. 

Are there any chances of you coming back on Bigg Boss?

I am not coming back.

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Rajul Hegde / in Mumbai