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Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om gets dirty

December 29, 2016 14:45 IST

Swami Om has been the most annoying person on the show, but the makers have been going soft on him.
Divya Nair wonders why.

Swami Om gets dirty

With beti Priyanka out of the house, Swami Om is finding it tough to keep the cameras on him.

So guess what he does?

He parks himself on a stool, facing the camera, and talks endlessly about how everyone in the house is plotting against him!

When competition arrives in the form of Rohan and Manveer, he unties his gamcha and sits there in the sun while Lopa and the other girls have to turn their faces away.

Even after he is out of the task, he tries to attack Rohan when Manveer and he are entering the dome.

What does this man think Bigg Boss is all about?

How many times will this saanth saal ka buddha be forgiven for his irresponsible, indecent, behaviour?

Why isn't he evicted like Priyanka Jagga?

Bani, Lopa, Rohan confront Swami Om

Lopa was ticked off by Swami Om when he refused to budge from the igloo's entrance.

She got upset when he tried to argue that Lopa should be eliminated from the game because she came in last.

All hell broke loose when bluffmaster baba tried to hurt Rohan and stop him from entering the igloo.

Both Bani and Lopa gave Swami Om a tough warning, asking him to mind his manners.

The otherwise calm Rohan was upset and angry -- he even called the bluffmaster 'gadhe ka bachha.'

A birthday cake for Manu

Manu's girlfriend Piku sent a huge Motu-Patlu cake to bring in his birthday.

Manu, who seemed to be feeling low, was excited to cut the cake and the morose atmosphere suddenly disappeared as everyone got busy with the celebrations.

Mona even offered a piece of cake to Swami Om, who preferred to stay in bed.


Gaurav-Bani fight

Every time Gaurav and Bani start a conversation, it's a cue for a loo break.

There is absolutely nothing these two can agree upon EVER.

And there is nothing positive or productive that comes out.

It's like trying to make the like poles of a magnet attract each other. So pointless.

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