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'Alia is the dal-chawal with tadka in my life'

June 25, 2022 11:39 IST

IMAGE: Vaani Kapoor with Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt. Photograph: Hitesh Harisinghani/

"One thing I really lack as an actor is angst. I'm not an angry person. I'm a very fun-loving, happy, detached guy. So Karan would ask me, tere undher ka gussa kaise nikalu?" Ranbir Kapoor says, talking about his first movie release in four years, Shamshera.

The actor plays a dacoit, and has a double role for the first time in his career.

What makes it special is that the double role is that of a father and son.

Sanjay Dutt stars in another super villain party in the Karan Malhotra film, the same director who gave him the menacing baddie in Agneepath.

"Karan kamal ka villain deta rehta hai," says Sanju Baba in his distinct drawl.

Shamshera also stars Vaani Kapoor, in her first film opposite Ranbir, or RK, as she calls him.

Hitesh Harisinghani/ brings us scenes from the film's trailer launch.



IMAGE: Vaaniwith Ranbir and Sanju Baba. Photograph: Hitesh Harisinghani/

Ranbir Kapoor was having a bad day, but everything seems to go away when he shares the stage with Sanjay Dutt, his childhood hero, who he portrayed in Sanju, the biggest hit of his career.

"During the time I used doing Barfi, I used to meet Sanjay Dutt in the gym every day. One day he told me, 'tu do saal se gym mein aa raha hai, tera body kahan hai?" Ranbir recalls, drawing laughs.

But the laughs didn't stop there.


"After 15 years in the industry, I think I got bored as an actor," Ranbir says, adding that that was one of the reasons he took up Shamshera.

The other reason, of course, is that he has a double role.


Ranbir calls his wife Alia Bhatt the "dal-chawal" in his life, and the reason is super cute!


Vaani narrates a scene in the film when Sanjay Dutt had to slap her, and she asked him to actually do it.

"I had to whip Ranbir in the film, and hit him in the climax. I didn't like it. If I had slapped Vaani, I wouldn't be here today," Sanjay says, laughing.