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'I hated Slumdog Millionnaire'

Telugu director Krishna Vamsi.
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February 04, 2009 16:05 IST

National award winning director Krishna Vamsi is known for his meaningful and entertaining Telugu films like Sindhuram, Chakram, Khadgam, Antahpuram and Rakhee, to name a few.

Recently, his film Chandamama fetched him five Nandi awards given by the State Government including one for Best Director.

So it was a treat for his fans when the filmmaker was available for a rediff chat on Tuesday. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.

Krishna Vamsi says, Hi, how are you? I'm fine. Glad to interact with you all.

bapu asked, hi
Krishna Vamsi answers,  Hi, thank you, all the best.

prabu asked, Hi vamsi when will u direct a tamil film? any plan
Krishna Vamsi answers, Hi, Very soon, maybe this year. Thanks.

Deepa asked, Hello Sir, im big fan of you. next new movies enti... kotha vallaki emaina chances vunnaya ?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Next movie is with Srikkanth, his 100th film called Mahatma. For chances please contact my office. Thank you. asked, hello sir hv r u .meeru direct chesena sasireka parinayam mvie choosaanu it s superb andi.I like all ur movies and i am big fan of u sir,
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks for the compliment. Glad you liked the movie. I don't know when I will direct Nag and Mahesh.

varma asked, vamsi garu are planing to direct any hindi film
Krishna Vamsi answers, Maybe this year end. Plans are on.

siva talluri asked, Sir, You will always remain one of my favorite directors for the movie Sindhuram. It certainly deserves on Oscar! Again I liked Rakhee. You are some one who adresses the social issues very nicely. I admire you for that. Also I like the way you have portrayed the characters of Ahuti prasad and paruchuri in your movies chandamama and sairekha parinayam.. their language with full of nativity is just great.. When can we expect a movie from you with Pavan Kalyan as hero.
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks a lot. I don't think I'm capable of an Oscar. There's no chance of a film with Pavan Kalyan.

Dinesh_Vamsee asked, Hi Sir, I am big fan of ur movies and saw all movies no less than 3 times. I have 2 Questions: Really lokking out for movie with Mahesh,Dont know why u r negleting him , may be u need to write a script with mahesh in Plan. 2) is Will ur movie Vandematram ever comes out.if so who is in ur mind if not CHIRU(Plz dont be Diplomatic on this ? )
Krishna Vamsi answers, Like you said I need to write a script for Mahesh. If not Chiru, right now I'm not able to find anyone else suitable for Vandemataram

Sakhi asked, How do u feel after getting national award adn nandi award
Krishna Vamsi answers, I always say awards are a bonus. So obviously it's a happy moment.

 raj123 asked, Hello Vamsi Garu, loved all your films..esp Murari, Nina pelladtha,khadgham and Chandhamma...except khadgham all the above movies and few more have joint family background...any personal interest???...u know some times we feel its repated and bored...and now foreigners singing telugu tunes..
Krishna Vamsi answers, Your question is unclear.

vissu asked, Hi, Why don't you make films like danger more often? I think you are the only director in Telugu industry who can tackle movies in an entertaining yet thought provoking manner, like in Danger movie. Keep it up sir, God bless you
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you. But Danger is a flop and there is no producer to make one more Danger! 

Max asked, Where are you from?
Krishna Vamsi answers, From Tadepalligudem, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.

Max asked, Who is Krishna Vamsi?
Krishna Vamsi answers, He's a homosapien!!!!

praveen asked, when u will do movie with Venkatesh?
Krishna Vamsi answers, I don't know.

ssss asked, Hi Vamsi, can we expect any devotional film from u conveying social cause to the society?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Very soon. I'm working on it. 

Murli asked, Vamsigaru Namaskaram I liked your movie Raakhee a lot. I thought that your direction was very gripping in that
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you.

vijay.pvss asked, Hi KrishnaVamsi.... liked your movies... expecting a movie on the standards of Ninne pelladutha and sindhooram... Only thing which is bad in your movies is the loud comedy...which was missing in these movies.. good luck
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks for your opinion.

Rajeshpp asked, Hello Krishnavamsi garu.. I am one of ur biggest fans.i never miss ur any movies.. why you are not making movies with different concepts.. like anthapuram or sindhuram we are excepting these kind of movies again.. please do for us
Krishna Vamsi answers, My next film Mahatma with Srikkanth may answer your questions.

prasad_jadhav asked, Hello Sir, I am great fan of ur's
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you.

PRAKASH asked, Hello sir, v r proud to have a genuine filmaker like u in Tollywood....
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you.

vamshi asked, Hello Vamsi Garu, loved all your films..esp Murari, Nina pelladtha,khadgham and Chandhamma..really very nice i was see 10 times any movie yours
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you.

mouli asked, HI Vamsi garu,I always watch ur films in Theatres only.I felt shy to see ur films on dvd player and I feel that ur movies are worth watchable on screen only.
Krishna Vamsi answers, I'm proud of you. Hope everybody thinks like you and watches like you.

joy asked, there are many creative minds from our telugu land to make big in international level... what do you think we should do to achieve this???
Krishna Vamsi answers, We should work harder.

Suren asked, What is your life motto and how do you plan to achieve?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Live happily.

vinod asked, hello sir , any chance of making a new movie with ntr jnr, raakhi was great, all your films, are you going to make any movie about politics
Krishna Vamsi answers, Mahatma may answer this.

rajiniraja asked, i would like to intoruce as a digital media college ICAT in hyderabad, want to invite you as a guest lecture for scriting and storyline for our students. Can you pls reply
Krishna Vamsi answers, I don't think I'm capable of that. Thank you.

rakhi asked, how is ramya krishna
Krishna Vamsi answers, Great. Thank you.

vivek asked, mee cinemallo naku chala ishtmaina cinema lu Sindhuram and khadgam
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you.

raj5555 asked, Good morning creative director... Anthapuram moive lanti movie eppudu vastundi
Krishna Vamsi answers, Teliyadu, Avi cheppi raavu. Thank you.

Vijayanand asked, Now a days your movies having female oriented subject as undercurrent, in which you are showing great skills in handling
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks a lot. Hope you learn something from them.

venugopalreddy asked, sir pls take in MAHATHMa for heroine telugu girl sir ur not replaying sir im chatting from bangalore
Krishna Vamsi answers, Bhavana is the heroine of the film. Sorry to disappoint you.

pratap asked, is there any particular reason of not doing a film with chiru family
Krishna Vamsi answers, Not at all. Chiranjeevi [Images] garu is like my elder brother.

vidya asked, KV garu, r u? Nice to see you here..if u say "HI" to me, I can make a festival. ")
Krishna Vamsi answers, A bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbig hi.......... for the whole year.

sachinroxxx asked, Hi, Sir how about making a Movie like "A Wednesday" or "Slumdog Millionaire [Images]" in Telugu
Krishna Vamsi answers, I loved A Wednesday. I thought it was a great film and I hated Slumdog Millionnaire despite the great craft of filmmaking. We have plans of making such films in Telugu.

narayana asked, sir meeru veelithe Hindi lo oka manchi film ki direct cheyyandi. nenu mee gurinch ekkada (Gujarat ) lo cheppanu...hindi lo manchi movi ki direct cheyyandi sir
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you. I'll try to make one in Hindi.

SRK [Images] asked, Hello Sir,
Krishna Vamsi answers, Hello, Is it Shah Rukh Khan [Images]?

bhanu asked, what makes an indian director to get an Oscar?? please answer this.
Krishna Vamsi answers, Should make a great film.

shreeya asked, i am a big fan of yours i am watching from your nenne pellatada to latest chandamma. your movies are marvellous keep on making movies in same style and trend. all the best
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks.

Arif asked, what is your opinion on Oscar awards??
Krishna Vamsi answers, Great.

pnskumar asked, Hellow "Krishna" Vamshi Garu Meeku mariyu Maa Ramya "Krishna" gariki Subhakankshalu. Now I am in Tripura State. Pl.respond.
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks a lot. All the best.

gudurukiran asked, Hello Sir... First Of All Let Me Congratulate You For your success. and let me say from my heart that am a big fan of u.. sincerely am proud of u for having such a g8 film director in andra pradesh.. no questions to ask but tons of wishes to say "ALL THE BEST" For ur coming movies
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you.

rajasekhar asked, Sir do you have any subject on corruption and terrorism?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Right now no.

janakesh asked, Hello Sir..Dont you think your flavour to your movie is not working..i mean how about a complete change over and thinking differently
Krishna Vamsi answers, I don't think so but I respect your opinion.

tollywoodfan asked, i liked the shot where Srikanth walks in during the song in Khadgam... and the dance sequence of Mahesh in Murari... by now u can guess i am a huge fan of yours and look forward to ur movies for the sheer brilliance in shot taking.....
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you.

dvsraja asked, hi sir, would u like to introduce your child as a hero in future ?
Krishna Vamsi answers, That depends on him. I will support his decision.

Thrinadh asked, Sir, Khadgam movie lo "25 years industry" character Balakrishna ni manasulo pettukuni create chesara? True opinion pleaseeee
Krishna Vamsi answers, Not at all. I respect Balakrishna garu. It was not a personal attempt on anybody.

anan asked, Hi Krishna Vamshi, do you have any plans to direct a movie on the recent Bombay attacks please?
Krishna Vamsi answers, I don't think so.

pvuppala asked, Dear Sir, What responsibility are you taking for social upliftment of the country and also patriotism. I know most of your movies are in to that line. Is it that you are directing movies just like that or is patriotism in your mind that is doing this kind of movies. Just want to know your thought. Thanks.
Krishna Vamsi answers, I have good sentimental attachment to my janmabhoomi -- whatever you can call it. I try to support humanity. Thank you.

sujayarun asked, whats your opinion on movies like rang de basanthi...r they really awaken youth...
Krishna Vamsi answers, To a certain extent, yes.

vivek asked, mee cinemallo exposing kasta taggistara. meeru chala guts vunna director at the same time srianjaneyam lanti cinemallo exposing rain songs avasaramantara?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Sree Anjaneyamlo Addi tappe. Nenu oppesukuntunanu. Migitacinemalo Okay. asked, when are you joining Prajarajyam Party?
Krishna Vamsi answers, I'm not interested in politics.

ramakrishna asked, Sir, Congratulations for your Sasirekha Parinayam's sucess and wish you all the best in your future also. -- Lalitha from New Delhi [Images]
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks.

hanumanthu asked, hai sir iam fan of u.ur films exallent sir
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks.

Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks.

ash asked, What do you think is the reason of your failure of your hindi movie Shakti?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Bad direction.

samanss asked, Oh ki haaal hai Krishna bhaiiii!!!
Krishna Vamsi answers, Bahut achha hai!

rou asked, Hello, i like most of your films, they are something special
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you.

mouli asked, Vamsi garu,u have any future plans to do heroin oriented movie with Ramya krishna madam?..If u do not have, pls think one great movie for her.I hope you will do this in ur future.Ramya garu should proud of u after release that film.Please consider my suggestion.:-)
Krishna Vamsi answers, I will, thank you. asked, hello sir u r movie is really nice
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks.

lukysravan1 asked, ram charan tho cinema eepudu sir?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Ask Ramcharan.

riz asked, Hello sir, has your style of cinema been isnpired or influenced by someone??
Krishna Vamsi answers, By many people, many things and many films and many, many many...

rtd asked, Hi Vamsi, your movies are nice, I am your fan but some times its like your movie drag little bit, might be due to change in your mood while directing, as your wife said 10 if you are in mood or 5 if you are out of mood as director. So please please do concentrate on that aspects, its like Telugu nativity, which we can't afford to miss due to change in your mood.
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try.

BigMan asked, Everyone has a movie that they watch more than that movie's cast/crew. What's yours? (Telugu and English)
Krishna Vamsi answers, You should tell me.

tollywoodfan asked, what goes on in your mind while taking a particular shot.... how do you visualize it..? pl. answer..ur answer naaku chaala mukhyamu.... i am asking this 'coz there are many brilliant scenes like the character of Mahesh in the climax of, pl. pl. answser...

Krishna Vamsi answers, I can't asnwer this because the space is not enough. Contact my website. Thank you.

mohandream asked, Hi Vamsi, I am a big fan of your movies. But after the less success of "Chakram", I feel you stopped working on experimental and message oriented films and very disppaointed with Sashirekha parninayam.. Is there any reason why you stopped experimental/message movies?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Because there are no takers.

jagadeesh asked, Why we are not able to films like lagaan, or mangal pandey or Jodha & Akbar kind of movies in telugu? we dont have subjects or not capable of? or commercial viability?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Commercial viability.

Nelabhotla asked, Dear Krishna Vamsi Garu, Mee yokka "Anthahpuram" such wonderful film.Soundarya action is amazing. And "Ninnepelladuta" is great movie.We are expecting these type of movies.Plz answer this.N.L.Narayana.Chennai.
Krishna Vamsi answers, I'll try.

udaykraj asked, hi where do u see the down the line about the tollywood with respect to story and instinct nature of films as the recent trends out performed the hero oriented movies to subject orient movies. your comments
Krishna Vamsi answers, Telugu films will be in a better position.

ramkish asked, KV sir!! this is ramakrishna from Dubai.. Mee cinemalanni chusaa except sasirekha parinayam!! i bacam favourte of u after watching movie sindhuram. Kaani oka sari RGV yemannarante!! KV telugu inustry ke paramitam kakudadu ani.. any plans to go to Bollywood or hollywood?? Telugu industry ippudu 3 parties vypu chustondi.. any idea to join in politics???
Krishna Vamsi answers, I;m not interested in politics. I may do Hindi film this year.

skarra asked, Sir one common trend in ur films is the way you show hindu culture in a beautiful way. For example the main premise of the story in murari, the opening sword story in Khadgam
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thank you.

Nags asked, Hello,Wht about any action thrillers from you
Krishna Vamsi answers, Maybe soon.

hanu asked, sir who is u r favorite (Liked)hero tel me frankly.pls.
Krishna Vamsi answers, Mahesh.

Krishna Vamsi answers, Na ku telisi ledu.

chandu.rudra asked, Miru ela unnaru sir
Krishna Vamsi answers, Bagunnannu.

humanbomb009 asked, Why dont u make sensible movies nowadays...where are the days of Sindhuram and Khadgam? where are the peformers? DANGER was the worst film you ever made...
Krishna Vamsi answers, Hahahahahaha

siri asked, hello Krishna Vamsi gaaru Iam Chaitanya from Malaysia meeru malli Antapuram/Samudram lanti movies eppudu teestaru and also Ninne pelladutha lanti movie eppudu expect cheyyochu
Krishna Vamsi answers, My next film Mahatma may answer your question.

chalukuthaluku asked, what in your opinion is a good film? something with 3 duets + one item number, 3-4 impossible stunt sequences, some romance n some action n sentiments? Or something that can make every viewer think? In short commercial value or creativity quotient?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Creativity quotient with commercial value.

venkata asked, If you have a good subject with you ,Before doing a film with any hero. then how you will evaluate which actor will suits best. let say ex: If you have an emotional subject,then how you will think,who will do th best job. Will you do any Home work and visualise each hero's emotions?
Krishna Vamsi answers, Yes, lot of homework like watching his previous work if any, otherwise do the screen test and interact with him etc.

krishnareddy asked, nayana krishna vamsi ..naa chetulu potunnai ayya....kastha reply istara naaku for this...when can we expect a movie like Murari from you. Now please dont say NO or may be or something no :). We need suck kind of films from you again. plz do comment on this
Krishna Vamsi answers, Maybe not like murari but we will try something else in the near future.

sachinroxxx asked, Sri Anjaneyam would have bcome "Blockbuster" if u had concentrated more on relationship between "Lord Hanuman [Images]" and the Hero rather than Heroine exposing in the movie, When making Devotional movies why do U mix exposure and vulgarity.......
Krishna Vamsi answers, I agree with you.

Roy asked, I think I had over expectations from you on the movies like Bombay attacks and with Kamal Hasan, looks like you don't have such plans! pch!!
Krishna Vamsi answers, Sorry!

Prabha asked, I watched the movie Sasi rekha parinayam, and have few things to tell, the movie is good and very nice message conveyed, but Sir, I felt there is lack of creativity in presentation, I mean the presentation is similar to Jab we met [Images], that was little disappointing to me, you could have spent more time and presented it in your own style sir
Krishna Vamsi answers, Thanks for your opinion.

Krishna Vamsi answers, Demand and supply!

Krishna Vamsi says, Thanks a lot for your love and affection. Most of you are very sweet and nice. It was nice chatting with you. All the best to you. Keep rocking! Thank you.

Photographs: Radhika Rajamani

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