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Lakshmi Rana, the tallest girl in class
September 12, 2007 13:05 IST

We asked readers to tell us if they had grown up or studied with movie or television celebrities. And we got a great response!

Sharing her memories is Aneesha C Boiss, who studied with model Lakshmi Rana.

I studied with Lakshmi Rana, one of the most beautiful and successful models in the industry today, at St Mary's Convent, Maligaon (Assam).

I remember Lakshmi as a very outgoing and a happy kid. She had such long legs! She was, in fact, the tallest person in our class.

She loved to play and would be out on the playground whenever she had the chance. I remember this one time she had a nasty fall from the swing in the school playground and broke her right arm.

My special memories of her are the great lunches that she would bring to school. While most of us would get sandwiches and fruits for lunch; she would get dosas and chutney. I loved to share my lunch with her.

Years after her family moved away, I happened to chance upon a magazine that carried a picture of this girl and there was something strikingly familiar about her face. I looked up the name and found it spelt as 'Laxmi'. But after some research and calls to my old friends, I realised that she is the same Lakshmi I went to school with. Lakshmi went on to be one of the finalists in the Femina Miss India 2000.

I have not had a chance to speak with her in many years as I have moved out of India for higher studies, and am now settled in the US; but I would like to take this chance to wish her the very best in life!

Grew up with a star in the same neighbourhood? Studied with them in school? Had a star friend in college? Hung out at the canteen together? Bunked classes? Maybe even hit on the same pretty people?

What were they like? What did you think of them then? Did you ever foresee their success?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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