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When SRK chased me
September 07, 2007 13:29 IST

We asked readers to tell us if they had grown up or studied with movie or television celebrities. And we got a great response!

Sharing his memories is Siddharth Benjamin, who knew Shah Rukh Khan [Images] in the 1990s.

When I was a kid in the mid-1990s, my parents would send me to YMCA day camps at Khar (a Mumbai suburb). Gauri, Shah Rukh Khan's wife, would come to the same YMCA centre for aerobics. So we would see Shah Rukh there all the time, when he would come to pick her up.

He would play with stragglers, like me, who would be waiting to be picked up.

I remember once I climbed onto his car to retrieve our frisbee and he chased me around, trying to scold me.

When his son, Aryan, was born, I remember all the girls fawning over him when Shah Rukh brought him along once. He was really nice to us and not snooty like most stars in North America.

Grew up with a star in the same neighbourhood? Studied with them in school? Had a star friend in college? Hung out at the canteen together? Bunked classes? Maybe even hit on the same pretty people?

What were they like? What did you think of them then? Did you ever foresee their success?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Photograph: Getty Images

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