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Rajni, the villain


Avargal, released in February 1977, was considered a progressive and radical film by the seventies' standard. It was another K Balachander movie with Rajnikanth playing an abusive and sadistic husband.

Avargal tells the story of a hapless woman walking out of an oppressive marriage to seek employment in the city and start life afresh. When she is about to be united with the man she loves the sadistic husband once again enters her life.

With studied guile he worms his way into her life as a supposedly reformed and repentant man. When the vulnerable woman is all ready to give him a second chance he shows his true colours, leaves her and goes back to his already existing second wife and child.

Balachander ends the film on a note of poetic justice. The man gloating over his own treachery turns away only to be hit in the eye by a flying stick accidentally aimed by the urchins playing nearby.

In Avargal, Rajnikanth gave a classic performance projecting a combination of two contrasting facets of villainy -- both openly sadistic and wily. He actually outdid himself as the wily scheming man.

Like all the other films, here too, Kamal stars in this film as the heroine's widower colleague.

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