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Pachaikili Muthucharam: The most eagerly awaited Tamil film of 2007!

You had earlier titled the film Silanthi. Why did you change it to Pachaikili Muthucharam?

Silanthi or spider, I feel is the most appropriate title. However, we had production hassles with the title so we had to change it. The new title means a parrot with a string of pearls. What will happen to a string of pearls if a parrot gets it? The pearls might scatter away. Actually it is used as a metaphor.

Initially Shobhana was supposed to star in the film, then Tabu came into the picture. What made you choose Andrea to portray the wife?

Shobhana was my first choice but she opted out. With Tabu it was date problems. Tabu would definitely have been very good for the film. I like the way Andrea did the role. She is very subtle in the film, and I wanted her that way. When the husband tells her about his involvement with a woman, she just remains quiet. When there is a child at home, a sensible woman will not create a scene. That is what I have done.

Is this not something new to Tamil cinema?

Yes, it is.

Perhaps that is why you are called the hottest director in Tamil?

I donít think I am the hottest director. I like Selvaraghavan ís films better than my own films. I think he is the hottest director. Kadal Kondein and 7G Rainbow Colony were much better films, made with unknown actors at that time. But I donít think there is a better director than Mani Ratnam in Tamil. You also canít make a film like Balu Mahendraís Moondram Pirai. I donít claim to be in the top ten or anything. All I want to do is make good films. I am not in it for the money. I have not made money from my films

They are all blockbusters?

I have not made any money, the producers have made money.

Pachaikili Muthucharam is looked at as a Gautham Menon film?

I really hope that is true. That is what I want. Films are a passion for me. I am here to do good films. But I will not call my film a Gautham Menon film because my films are incomplete without the technicians. Itís a team effort.
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