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'I want to be like Aamir Khan'

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April 13, 2007 11:40 IST

What do you get when you put two lead stars of a film together in a room?

A lot of jokes, that's what!

Dino Morea and Koel Purie, the two stars of their new film Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi got chatty during a chat on April 12.

For those who missed their witty repartees, here's the transcript.

Dino Morea says, Hi everybody, This is Dino Morea. I am happy to be here to answer all your questions. My movie is out so make sure you watch it and give me feedback on asked, hiiiiiiii dino u r the best.
Dino Morea answers Thank you very much, its very sweet of you. Do you have a Abhishek in your life? :)

priyanka asked, Hi Dino, i read a article a while ago, that said u didn't know how to speak hindi at first, is it true? Do u know how to speak italian? are u dating Nandita Mahatani?
Dino Morea answers, Its true I couldn't speak it very well but now I can. I speak a little bit of Italian. Whether I am dating Nandita Mahatani, its a Raaz!

Andy asked, Hi Dino, Hi Koel. Dino, I loved ur movie Pyaar main Kabhie Kabhie..and Koel ur Mixed Doubles. Dino and Koel which next movie of urs coming up now. Also, are u both coming together in some movie..
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much. Our movie is releasing, it's called Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi.

nigam asked, i want to sleep with you are very sexy
Dino Morea answers, thanks I am very flattered. You are just gonna fall asleep on me?? :))

neha asked, hi dino i love to watch in Raza and i want to know what is ur upcoming projects
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much Neha. I have got Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi releasing after which I have Anamika, Brahm and Sex on the Beach from Dus Kahaniya.

goldie asked, Dear dino wat is the name of you restaurant at carter road n wat kind of food does it serve???
Dino Morea answers, Its called Crepe Station Cafe and it serves everything from waffles, crepes, pastas, burgers, name it, we've got it!

hemanth asked, Hi Dino, This is hemanth. I am very much disappointed that you didnt act any good movie after RAAZ
Dino Morea answers, Even I am disappointed. I did have good movies but they did not work in the Box Office...I did Holiday, Aksar, Plan they were all good movies but they did not work.

abdul asked, hey dino you have a gr8 physique how do you maintain it with your busy shooting schedule Thanks
Dino Morea answers, Thank you Abdul. I try to exercise as often as I can even while shooting I try to go to the gym or just work out at home.

cheerfulhyacinth asked, Is life mein kabhi kabhi a sequel of Pyaar mein kabhi kabhi?
Dino Morea answers, No, it's not. Life Mein Kahi Kabhi is a movie about life.

sony asked, hi dino, which was your first film?
Dino Morea answers, Hi, Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi.

deepak chauhan asked, hi! Dino I am a big fan of yours. U did a fantastic work in Raaz
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much and please remain my fan.

chintu asked, dino who is ur dream girl
Dino Morea answers, I don't have a dream girl right now. Hope to find her soon.

zaid asked, hi dino... which protein do u take... every star who has a good physique says he dosent take any supplements.. i know they alz lie..and r u 5.11 tall
Dino Morea answers, I only take a protein supplement and it is called Whey protien.

arvind asked, hi dino..wassup with u and bipasha??
Dino Morea answers, Well nothing much, we are just good friends.

ronak asked, hi dino u look nice
Dino Morea answers, Thanks Ronak.

drr asked, Is Koel there or are we being april fooled
Koel Purie answers, Hi, this is Koel. Fire away.

arun asked, hi koel how r u
Koel Purie answers, I'm fine. Thank you.

KumarA asked, koel purie, I Love You
Koel Purie answers, Are you cute?

sujata asked, hi koel is it ur 1st project
Koel Purie answers, I'm so happy that people think that.

dino_morea asked, Hi Koel U really look gorgeous ? have u loved anyone in ur life kabhi-kabhi?
Koel Purie answers, I'm always in love and always getting my heart broken also.

manojkumarg asked, Hi KOELLLLL. What should one do to have a GF like you????:-)
Koel Purie answers, Be nice to me.

poon asked, Hi r u doin? i really liked u in Mixed Doubles
Koel Purie answers, Thanks so much. I also loved being a part of it.

drr asked, Koel most of the movies are shot in London these days are you coming here for any of your movies
Koel Purie answers, I live and work half the time in London and half in Mumbai. I'm always in and out doing theatre, TV and films in London. Maybe you saw me in Losing Gemma recently on ITV.

rahul_jampot asked, Hi Koel! Why aint we seeing much of you of late? Are you choosing your roles rather carefully?
Koel Purie answers, Yes, I have the advantage of doing only what excites me and don't have to do roles that don't interest me only for survival. But you will see more of me this year.

preety_b asked, Koel... which leading lady from todays indian cinema do u admire most and why??
Koel Purie answers, Sridevi and she's lookin better than she's ever looked right now and I can't wait for her to come back on the big screen.

diana asked, hey koel!!!! how r u? wht do u think abt the indian film industry
Koel Purie answers, I think it is very diverse and exciting and there's room for every kind of talent and looks. You just have to persevere and luck. Also, Bollywood at the moment is going through it's most beautiful and tranformative period and it's a pleasure to be right in the middle of it.

vijaykumar_p24 asked, Hey Koel, U have Excellent Talent In Acting, Keep it Up Babe...
Koel Purie answers, Thank you. Please keep watching my movies.

koel asked, Hi Dino, what character do you play in LMKK?
Koel Purie answers, Why are you logging in with my name or are you also a Koel? If yes, then you're the first I would've have come across.

pinto asked, nice cute name koel
Koel Purie answers, Thanks.

dev7 asked, koel are you married???
Koel Purie answers, Maybe.

rahulbest asked, hii koell.........what ABOUT U R NEXT FILM
Koel Purie answers, Two Canadian Indian films are going to come out-- Amal and Bolly Double. Both very different and I can't wait for them.

Viji asked, Hi Dino, how are you? Remember your old days at bangalore (Wheelers Road)
Dino Morea answers, Hey Viji, Yes, I do remember.

Princess asked, Dino dude, how are you? What do you enjoy more, acting or restauranting?
Dino Morea answers, I am fine, I enjoy acting more.

abhishek asked, Hi Koel U r so sexy. R u having any affair right now ? Who is the lucky man ? If any of ur films coming this week ?
Koel Purie answers, Very much single and for the first time very happy. Quite selfish of my own space.

Preety asked, OMG HEY DINO! Whatsup? Hope LMKK is a bigg hit... how has the journey been from Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi to Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi??
Dino Morea answers, Hi, how are you? The journey has been fantastic. please go and watch my movie.

nik asked, hi dino...m ur junior from Clarence school..u were my brother's r u?
Dino Morea answers, Hi, Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi yeh hota hai. You might be my junior in school.

manojkumarg asked, Hi Dino , How are you? After Raaz i thought you had taken off well. But my request to you is to hunt for characters with some variety or difference
Dino Morea answers, We do films which make us happy. Sometimes it does well and sometimes it doesn't.

drr asked, Koel r there any good hot songs in your next movie
Koel Purie answers, There's a beautiful love song between Aftab and me in Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi. It is kind of sexy as I'm wearing a very sexy blue sari in it.

rakesh asked, Dino & Koel please let me know your forthcoming release.
Koel Purie answers, Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi, Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi and Life Mein Kabhi Kabhie. Please watch them all:)

sandeep asked, LIFE MEIN KABHI KABHI releases tomorrow..I wish they had promoted it better..I love Aftab and Dino
Dino Morea answers, Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi promotion bhi thoda sa dheela hota hai. But this movie has been promoted very well, so please go and check out the movie.

sakshir asked, HI dino..How r u? U seems to be doing very less films. Y???
Dino Morea answers, Not really, I am doing quite a few. I have got three more coming up this year after Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi. I want to be like Aamir Khan and do selected films.

manojkumarg asked, HEy dino answering only girls??
Dino Morea answers, Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi yeh bhi hota hai :)

cheerfulhyacinth asked, D : dashing I : Innovative N : Nice O : Outstanding Is YOU and your performance
Dino Morea answers, Thank you so much. Its really sweet of you. After all its Dino.

vin asked, Hi koel, i am planning to get married soon, can u tell me what are the factors i should consider in my life partner apart from beauty?
Koel Purie answers, My character in Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi is a happily married woman and the secret to her happy relationship is that she doesn't expect too much from her partner and is ready to stand by him through ups and downs. She doesn't bottle her frustrations and has an open communication with her partner Aftab. When you commit, remember you can have bad times and good times but they should not affect the love you both share.

Viji asked, Dino i was your neighbour,and you were staying in the first floor at Jai Bharath Nagar, Bangalore
Dino Morea answers, Oh hey, hi. Hope you are well.

diana asked, so dino....wht do ya do when u not acting... i mean hobbies
Dino Morea answers, Watching movies, eating food, catching up with friends...etc

paln79 asked, I saw your movies u r a natural actress
Koel Purie answers, Thanks. Please see Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi.

sumi asked, dino,is marriage on your mind in near future
Dino Morea answers, Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi shaadi karna hi padega and its on mind, yes.

Preety asked, Koel must be in LIFE MEIN KABHI KABHI why else is she coming with DIno?? :hmm:
Koel Purie answers, Yes. This chat is for Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi

sangi asked, hey dino iam very great fan of u. plz tell me about ur modeling days
Dino Morea answers, Thank you very much. Modelling days were so much fun.

bina asked, hi dino r u into direction too,what is ur new movie all about
Dino Morea answers, No I am not into direction. Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi is going to be a very interesting film.

sleek asked, hi koel... what do u think ur weaknesses are?? why are u not seen in main stream bollywood and are generally restricted to niche films?
Koel Purie answers, My biggest weakness and strength is being too impulsive. I accept all the roles that makes sense to me regardless of them being commercial or not. Hopefully, after Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi you will see me in a lot more of commercial cinema.

preety_b asked, DINO DINO DINO! I hope you are still there, u've not answered ANY of my questions :(
Dino Morea answers, Yes Preety. I am here, please send your question. Do watch Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi

Preety asked, WHY IS DINO COMING WITH KOEL PURI..r they doin a movie she in life mein kabhi kabhie
Koel Purie answers, Yes, I'm in Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi. I play Aftab's wife and soulmate. Please go watch the film.

Dinkar1 asked, Dino whats up buddy came here to check my mail and sawyou on a live chat!!!!I am also a big fan of yours!!!!please give me your autograph :),how you doing???how things with you????
Dino Morea answers, Thank you so much. Please check my website

bipasha asked, hi Koel, are you sister of BHEL PURI
Koel Purie answers, No, I'm brother of Bhel Puri:)

jawru asked, Hi dino.. i love u naa.. mere mohabaat ka imtihaan le rahe ho kya??
Dino Morea answers, I love you too! Please go and watch Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi.

sam asked, Hello Dino & Koel , wish you good luck for the movie life mein kabhie kabhie, today is the premiere i guess ???
Dino Morea answers, Thank you so much, wish you the same.

priyanka asked, Koel, who are you? I mean i have heard of u, but do not know that much info
Koel Purie answers, I'm an actress and I'm not surprised you don't know who I am as I have done very selective work but please go and see Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi and you will know who I am. Thanks.

jigar asked, Is this Chat real? Why I am not getting answered....?
Koel Purie answers, It's very real but I haven't seen a question aimed at me.

ajay asked, koel i saw a scen from laddak movie..i guess it was u with irfan khan...did that movie release?
Koel Purie answers, A lot of people confuse me with the girl in that movie. It's not me but my lookalike.

Dino Morea says, Thank you all for being with me online. I had fun, if you need to know anymore go to my website and watch Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi

naveen_nischal asked, hi koel, who is ur role model in this glamour world?
Koel Purie answers, Audrey Hepburn.

arjun asked, koel are you open to glamorous roles?
Koel Purie answers, Very much so. It's just that I started my career with an off beat film and that's the path it followed. But hopefully after Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi I'll get more glamourous roles.

dinpuri asked, Are you both getting mrried
Koel Purie answers, To each other or to other people?

ishan asked, hi Koel ,ur performance in Musafir was good ,When we will be able to such action again from u
Koel Purie answers, I was not in Musafir. I'm in Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi. Please go and watch it.

drfumanchu asked, hi koel...enjoyed your batty performance in mixed doubles...any more encores coming?
Koel Purie answers, I hope so. I too enjoyed that performace and all the people involved in it.

sapangoyal asked, tell me Koel is paired opposite Aftab. who is dino paired opposite
Koel Purie answers, Aishwarya Rai.

Koel Purie answers, Whichever I'm at the moment. Love them both.

sandflyfever asked, hey koel,will u do a mallika sherawat to lift ur career?
Koel Purie answers, If I knew what a Malika Sherawat is I might.

nav asked, Hi koel... I wanna ask why ur name is after the bird koel why not after Kauaaa
Koel Purie answers, A kauaaa is also a bird:)

bipasha basu asked, HEY GUYS PLS SUGGEST ME, DINO or JOHN?
Koel Purie answers, Koel, everytime.

mudotiya_manish asked, koel is it ur entry in to bollywood best of luck for ur films..?
Koel Purie answers, Yes, in a way. Thank you for best wishes. Please go watch Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi. asked, Hay Dino,Now a days u seems to be out of lead roles....and at the same time u r films are not working good at the box office....y dont u select the roles which suits u r personality.....Wishing u a very gud coming futre
This is Dino answering Thanks far your advice. You are a maran. I like your talks:)

ajinkya asked, hi koel why ur so hot
Koel Purie answers, Because Dino is so cold:)

Koel Purie says, Enjoyed this chat but I got to fly. Watch Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi and let me know what you think.

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