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Give Aryan a miss
Priyanka Jain

A still from Aryan
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December 15, 2006 16:49 IST

Dear Sohail Khan [Images], please don't make a mockery of the art of movie-making.

Seriously, what were you thinking while making Aryan? Do you think people really want to see you flex your muscles in boxer shorts?

Your portrayal of a college boxing champ under the training of Puneet Issar is flawed from the beginning. The fight scenes are unrealistic. Even when you are shown beating up your opponent, the intensity of the punch is missing. And the camera keeps moving so vigorously that I thought the screen was having a vertigo attack.

Also, while watching the film I was really wondering how anyone could tolerate those high decibels that where put in the name of special effects.

Sneha Ullal [Images] as your sweetheart fails to show any emotions -- even when she finds herself pregnant. And then you sacrifice your dreams of becoming a national boxing champ to marry your lover. Did you really count on the sympathy factor? Well, it did not work. Neither did your twist in the tale -- the unbreakable spirit theory -- towards the end.

A still from AryanI don't know where to start picking negatives in the movie. Whether it is Neelabh Kaul's cinematography, Renjit Vattakattu's editing or former actor Abhishek Kapoor's (lack of) directorial skills, everyone seems to have put in even less effort than a disinterested amateur. One did not go expecting great performances by you or Sneha, but you were below even those expectations.

The supporting cast of Farida Jalal and Puneet Issar did their jobs with style, but they can't carry the film on their shoulders, right? Or did you expect them to?

I heard a couple of models who were present at the screening discussing the same questions that were on my mind. Why would anyone make a film like this? Doesn't it take money to make a film? Why waste it on a venture like this? What would Salim Khan (Sohail's father) be thinking while watching this movie? (The family was in full attendance for the premiere).

Verdict: Seriously, I too don't understand why anyone would make a film like this. Do you? Please comment.

This film does not deserve stars.

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