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Idol talk with Anu Malik!

April 17, 2006 17:15 IST

Anu MalikAs April 22 draws nearer, the tension builds for Indian Idol 2 contestants Karunya and Sandeep. That day will determine who the nation's idol will be until the third season.

Idol judge Anu Malik talked the hugely popular reality show, among other things, when he chatted with Rediff readers last week. Here is the first part of the chat:

Anu Malik says,Hi Everyone I am here

meenu asked,Anu Ji, do you think Karunya's choice of songs in the last gala will affect his chances of becoming the Indian Idol (especially since India's youth can relate only to popular, recent songs)? Undoubtedly, Karunya's singing abilities set him above Sandeep. My best wishes are with him. Unfortunately, I cannot vote for him as I am currently in the US.
Anu Malik answers,I dont think so. I think he has shown his versatality as a singer by choosing that song. But still i believe in destiny. So there you are.

nishadanwar asked,If you are asked to give one advice to the singers of the present generation...what will it be?
Anu Malik answers,Keep on doing your riyaaz and actually train a lot in classical music. Most importantly stay focussed.

andy asked,How do u come up with instant shaiyari for all contestants during the Indian Idol show.
Anu Malik answers,Well let my readers know that i have always been adept at writing my own mukhdas whenever the occassion demanded. So it comes naturally to me.

wasim asked,why dont you use KUMAR SANU in your songs anymore? He is easily better than all the singers we hear today and your fans miss the malik-sanu combo!
Anu Malik answers,If there is an opportunity i shall definately use his voice again.

suraj asked,hi anu..inspite of so much criticism u have always proved urself..ur no.1 musician in hindi film industry..
Anu Malik answers,Thats thanks to God my hard work and Your love and support. Thank you.

ravikancherla asked,hello anuji, who will be the next indian idol
Anu Malik answers,Technically speaking Karunya and if destiny has to voice its opinion then it could be Sandeep.

tanu asked,Anu ji I respect you a lot for your honest remarks in the Indian Idol. Just hopr karunya wins!
Anu Malik answers,Well i do believe that honesty is the best policy and i do take the role of a judge very seriously.

sohail asked,hi how r u anu malik sahab pls ek bar muja bhe chance dijiyana pls kyun ki mere away main jadu hain ek bar chance pls app aisan hoga mujper
Anu Malik answers,Aapne kaha hamne padha. Agar apni awaaz sunani hai to jab agla indian idol hoga to aap bhi aaiye

sandeepkool asked,hi anu ji, ahat is this aadesh ji saying about ur lifting ,is it true
Anu Malik answers,Hi. I believe that Aadesh should ask the director Raj Kanwar and not me. So there you are you have your answer.

Anu Malikniraj asked,hey anu, how r u man?
Anu Malik answers,Not bad friend hope you are doing fine too.

nikhil asked,Hi Annnu, Pls. don't mind but when you yourself don't know music how can you judge others?
Anu Malik answers,There is a saying in english That people are rude to you because they want to offset their own failures in life. Chill guy and enjoy your summer.

rajiv asked,R u a music thief . This is right?
Anu Malik answers,No i am not or i would not have lasted 30 years in the industry.

musica asked,Hi Anu, Thanks Rediff for this opportunity! Have question - What in your opinion is your best composition ever? I think it is definitely "Phir teri kahani yaad ayi" (if my memory is right) :-)
Anu Malik answers,I feel though it is Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayee but i personally feel that my best is yet to come.

rohit asked,Hello Annu ji, Do you think a person who compose/sings songs like: FDekho Barish ho rahi hai/Let's play holi...have any far understanding about music? You copy others music, how can you judge others?If you have have even 1% of moral please answer my question.
Anu Malik answers,You have a right to your opinion but do you think films like Asoka Border Virasat Refugee (which fetched me my first national award) LOC Kargil Aks Main Hoon Na and Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayee would have been possible if i was doing what you are saying i am doing?? And do you think the Hindi film industry comprising of the best directors and producers who stand by me would do so if that was indeed the case.

rohitisgreatfanofu asked,hi anu sir.i just want to ask u a one question.rnt u afraid of being one of the leading heartthrob music directors of modern era.
Anu Malik answers,No i am not cos i love it and ive worked hard for it.

ff asked,I wonder why people are reacting so negative for you]
Anu Malik answers,When you are known you do have people who love you very much and also those who hate you for what you are.

Prem asked,Hello Annu, Please ask youself first, If you participate in such programe will you pass the first round? Reply honestly.
Anu Malik answers,As a singer and as a composer i would definately be in the top three. Aur Indian Idol to hum ban hi gaye hain. To kyun iske bare mein sochein.

fanofanu asked,Annujee, I love u for ur energy, fighting spirit.Whatever people say, fact is u have survived and survived brilliantly for past 20 yrs.Kudos to u.Cheer up..
Anu Malik answers,Its people like you who motivate me to compose better and better tunes and survive this Dog Eat Dog race.

Sush asked,Hi Anuji, I like your music a lot! After loosing Amey it was really tough for me to see Indian Idol II. But now it seems anyways Karunya better diserve it. I would like to know what will be your reaction if people choice Sandeep??
Anu Malik answers,If Karunya was to lose i would take it badly. But if Sandeep was to win i would call it fate. That says it all.

mona asked,Please answer : If your kind of music directors remain in industry, what will be the future of Indian Film Music?
Anu Malik answers,Very exciting very happening and dont expect it to change for people want to be happy and upbeat when they hear my music so arent you happy when people are happy?? Dont be so selfish yaa...

Tamasa asked,Hi Anu! just wanted to complement you on your achievements in the field of really have been doing a great job. about Indian Idol, Karunya deserves to will be sad for a show like Indian idol if he loses....Amey Date's voting out was a huge disappointment....please try changing the rules of the game from the next gala, if there's another coming....good luck....
Anu Malik answers,I cant change the format. The format stays the way it is. But i would suggest to the viewers pls vote wisely for the Indian Idol lies in your vote.

Aditya asked,Hi Anu,Why we r getting the music frm the Pakistan,is there lack of music sense in India now!!????
Anu Malik answers,Let my films like Jaaneman Umrao Jaan come out and then we shall talk again. As far as Pakistani music is concerned it definately has a nice ring to it so whats the big deal as long as people are getting to hear good music from all parts of the world.

Omkar asked,Annuji, Good Afternoon to you, It was sad to see such episode wherein talented Indian Idol participents are going out from the contest, this is purely based on public votes. My Question is when you people ( 3 judges ) are not happy with the indians votes against any talented contestent, then why programm is choosen to opt an Indian Idol through public ? You all could have discussed internally and decide your self rather than blaming on Indian public, because you know that public can vote either side, you also know that 70% people will vote on the performnace of contestant even they don'tknow about sur and tal, So kindly Infuture if such kind of programs are comming means, better you please put a suggestion that whether the decision can be taken by people or only through judges
Anu Malik answers,If we were to do that there would be allegations would be of a bias. And the concept of a reality show like Indian Idol is to allow the audience to choose their Indian Idol.

Rajat asked,What are your next projects
Anu Malik answers,Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Pyaare Mohan, Rockin, Umrao Jaan, Jaaneman, Love story 2050, to name a few

mona asked,Please tell us one song which you composed yourself. Please only one, I know you will not reply because there is not even one song which you have not copied.
Anu Malik answers,There are too many to count... but to name a couple.. "Aisa lagta hai" Refugee "Kiska hai ye tumko intezaar" Main Hoon Na "Sandese Aate Hain" Border... and there is "Fanaa Fanaa" Humko Deewana etc etc

ravikancherla asked,whom do you think no: 1 music director now a day, who is your favourite
Anu Malik answers,I think the number one composer of today is none other than ... Jaanam Samjha Karo... :)

kamal asked,hi Anu ji, Which do u think was better?? Indian Idol 1 or 2??
Anu Malik answers,Both.. each has its own charm..

Ganesh asked,how can a nice man like u be so rude to the participants
Anu Malik answers,Im not rude im just plain honest..

Don't miss the second part of Anu Malik's chat transcript tomorrow!

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