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Ajay Devgan: I am a reserved person
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November 30, 2005 15:12 IST

Ajay DevganAjay Devgan chatted with his fans at length on Monday, November 28 about his daughter Nysa, wife Kajol [Images] and his films. He even gave out a few tips on how to bag Rs one crore! The star, who will be next seen in Prakash Jha's Apaharan, seemed to enjoy interacting with his fans. For those who missed the chat, here's the second part of the transcript.

Click here for the first part of the chat transcript

may : i know that a director n a good script r very important but who do give more marks?
Ajay Devgan [Images] : I think both because a good script can be ruined by a bad director and vice versa

amitra : HI AJAY, Your new hairstyle that u sport nowadays, was it for a specific role or just for a change.
Ajay Devgan : I keep changing my look according to the character

Archana : Hi Ajay, This is Archana. Being a south Indian , did you face any discrimination in the industry, although you were born and raised in North(If i am not wrong).
Ajay Devgan : Sorry, I m not a south Indian, i am a punjabi. and I dont think the film industry has any discriminations

baboo27 : ajay, what do u njoy more, parenting ur daughter or acting in films
Ajay Devgan : I think that is a difficult question

Apaharan on!

abhijitpandhari : hi ajay !!i am a big fan of yours...won't u quit smoking if one of ur true fans asks so?
Ajay Devgan : Not at the moment, but i cannot say about the future

pepsi23 : Hi Sir, Tell me about ur latest release APHARAN
Ajay Devgan : I think it is nice film, I hope u guys watch it

Astonish : Hi Ajay,I m posting from Tokyo Japan [Images], Here in Japan, Indian movies means movies of Rajnikanth [Images]. They are not aware of Bollywood movies. The Japanese people are crazy about music and personalities. If Bollywood can make a stage show, bringing people like Hritik, Fardeen, Yourself and rest all , U can capture a very lucarative market. Its really a fact, Think about and if possible discuss with your colleagues
Ajay Devgan : Sorry, I dont do stage shows

Nata : Would you like to do another movie with Salman Khan [Images] and would you also like to do a movie with Shahrukh Khan [Images]?
Ajay Devgan : I m doing a film with Salman called London [Images] Dreams

davidis : Hi Ajay........You look more handsome in Moustache like Zameen [Images] and Gangaajal.....
Ajay Devgan : Thanks. : Hi ajay, what pursue you to become an actor? How r u balanceing your filmy life and house life.Regards,Sudhir
Ajay Devgan : I was always a part of this industry because of my father, so i dont even know where it started. and i guess i balance my time well between my family and work.

Somesh Sharma : Hi once again Ajay... want to know a bit about your Punjabi connection... From where your family originally hails.... I hope Mrs Devgan enjoy being a Punjabi Bahu! Your take?
Ajay Devgan : I m originally from Mumbai and my father hails from Amristar.

wmanoj : Hi Ajay, is it true that you are producing a film again? I think U and Kajol make an amazing pair.
Ajay Devgan : Still in planning stages, nothing decided as yet.

fanof yours : Hi ajay,i just want to wish you a happy life forever
Ajay Devgan : Thank you

Ajay Devgansachuu : hi, ajay air, i really liked Raju chacha the film but after that you have not made any film.why?
Ajay Devgan : Planning one next year.

diki : Hi ajay ..thanks for entertain us from ur mind-blowing sppech and acting. did u going to plan in future to produce-direct a movie for your own ???
Ajay Devgan : Nothing planned as yet.

Dinaz : How do you get so much pain and passion into each role of yours and what is the toll it takes on your health?
Ajay Devgan : I think just being honest to ur character shows.

satendra : please give me a one crore rupees
Ajay Devgan : I think u should enter KBC and win ur one crore.

avinash_d : Hi Ajay, do you plan to do different kind of roles more or the 'Hero' kinds?
Ajay Devgan : I think different and whatever excites me and is challenging.

AB : Hi Ajay... you are not in the news as other popular actors are? Why is that? Is it because, you are a very reserved person.From your screen presence, I think you should do more powerful movies like Yuva [Images], LO Bagat Singh etc.
Ajay Devgan : I am a reserved person and I am media shy.

Salman : hi ajay!! i have not been great fan of urs initially but i think some of the finest performances have come from u in recent times specially in Company which is awesome but too many films make them repetative?? wat do u say...dont u think u shud try doing lesser no of films to maintain certain kind of curiosity abt ur films as well
Ajay Devgan : I agree with u and i am

Twister : Hi how u doin? I admire your acting. As an actor you have come a long way. keep going.
Ajay Devgan : Thank u

Grouvvy : Who from Bollywood do you rate as a complete actor ?
Ajay Devgan : As I said I admire Mr Bachachan

reachvenky : Why have you not tried acting in regional language films? You will have to reach to a wider audience.Keep up the good work.
Ajay Devgan : I'll keep this in mind

sgthiyagu : hai do you like to act in tamil film if you have chance?
Ajay Devgan : Depends on the script and director

santoshmahto : Hi Ajay I would like to congz u for ur acting in Gangajal.
Ajay Devgan : Thank u

spsd : Hi ajay, Don't you think your are fooling poor people, giving them illusion that the tricks used in your movies may work in real life. The poor people try to mimick you by by adhering to smoking and doing wrong things. The current society is progressely becoming impatient and everybody around moves with so much anger in their mind. I feel this is a byproduct of voilence and sex shown in films.I urge you to work for the movies which benifit of society in general like religious movies, insperiational movies etc...
Ajay Devgan : I think we always show good winning over evil, whenever we show evil and cinema is reflection of society.

Ramu : Hi Ajay ! U r a awesome actor ! The audience needs more serious roles from you on the likes of bhagat singh what do you say !yogi says, Hi ajay, your performance and character in Kaal was very bad! sorry to say
Ajay Devgan : Trying to do different roles.

vijayant : HI Devgan sahab... aap to jawab hi nahi de rahe hai... plz tell me why u do waste novies sometimes..only for sake of money
Ajay Devgan : It is not for the sake of money, but you do make mistakes and u learn something out of it.

Ajay Devganmusicana : hi ajay r u doin any film with kareena kapoor?
Ajay Devgan : yes with Vishal Bharadwaj as a director.

sunil_dal : What will ur excuse be ONCE U DO STAGE SHOWS a hypocritical one AND what can you do on stage ?dance ? sing
Ajay Devgan : Never going to do them.

Tinku : Ajay Sir, My dashing hero...pls lets look here...plssssss...say me only hi.
Ajay Devgan : HI TINKU.

callmeeup : This Movie Apaharan is going to be tremendous. Can you tell me your expectations on this and your forthcoming movie ?
Ajay Devgan : I personally liked the film very much, and I hope u guys like it too.

krishnamoorthi : I know you like smiling face and that must be a reason for you to get married to Kajol. BUT why don't you try to smile. i mean at the intervals of shooting. with your fans.
Ajay Devgan : I do smile, u will be suprised that I laugh also.

rajivtyagi : dear sir, I live in austraia and I am interested in attending your live show here. why don't you come to australia trip? are you shooting for any movie in australia. I want to see you in person someday
Ajay Devgan : I have been to Australia, and I might be shooting there at the end of next year.

red : hello ajay, i know little time is left, just here to wish you a very happy and presperous future. keep up the good work.
Ajay Devgan : Thanks and same to u.

priyashaikh : Do you see another National Award coming for yourself after the release of Apaharan?
Ajay Devgan : I just hope u people like the film, that is the biggest award for me.

vippylove : would u prefer doing a movie carrying a social message or u'd prefer a typical bollywood movie and give the reason for ur preference
Ajay Devgan : I think aparahan has a social message but entertainment is also very important when people spend so much money to see a film.

Ajay Devgan : I think it makes u feel great and it makes u feel that is never enough and that is what keep u going.

Somesh Sharma : Are you internet Savvy and have you ever visted us at our site ? It's a fun portal!
Ajay Devgan : I m not very internet savvy.

Kejal : Itz all to do with your eyes and magnetic personality..........keep it up.........
Ajay Devgan : Thanks.

Ajay Devgan : Thanks guys, need to leave right now, lovely chatting with u all. Hope to see u

Click here for the first part of the chat transcript

Photographs: Jewella C Miranda

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